Sample Finance Coursework Paper on Strategies for Influencing Budget Process

Strategies for Influencing Budget Process

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) nutrition, is an organization that works to protect the health aspects of the Women, Infants, and Children.  At the state level, WIC is not currently being funded because of the challenges in accessing state or federal grants, corporations, and public programs. Instead, WIC, Rockland County, NY organization and other coalition of organizations with similar interests opt for private investor funding (Tyer and Willand 7). WIC program as a non-profit organization suffers from declined prioritization in terms of funding since corporate states have no clear pattern of state-federal balance. Besides, the WIC opt to establish a sponsorship relationship with private firms as a source of funding.

At Jurisdictional level, there are budget constraints prompted by the negative effect of the state increasing tax rates, which makes WIC program less likely to receive timely or complete funding. Instead, federal partnerships with individuals provide funding.

 WIC and other coalition of organizations obtain the majority of their funding from the local level through borrowing from the state and other agencies. However, WIC program suffers from increased demand that lead to depletion of reserves.

            WIC Rockland County, NY organizationand other coalition of organizationsof similar interest can minimize their expenditures by closing down services that do not give profits as a way of eliminating services that do not give profits (Tyer and Willand 18). This allows for savings that represent the best alternative to cover economic gaps at local level given the small budget scopes. County officers should strengthen their relationships with local businesses to allow accurate policy capture, cost saving, and financial support for WIC and other coalition of organizations. In addition, to eliminate services that do not give profits, WIC and other coalition of organizations of similar interest should cut on expenditure that is less demanding.

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