Sample Film and Theatre Studies Paper on Weddings in the U.S

Weddings in the U.S

            A wedding is among the most crucial events in a person’s life and they are characterised by various traditions and customs which should be observed. Most weddings performed in the U.S conventionally follow the white-wedding type whose origin is the colour of the bride’s occasion dress. It is undisputable that wedding times are regarded joyous occasions attended by family members and friends. The major attributes of the American weddings are the bridal bouquet, rings, flower girls. These attributes are used to signify different connotations. For instance, the white wedding dress symbolizes purity indicating that the bride is a virgin, the rings symbolizes a perfect union that can only be separated by death and the bridal bouquet signifies the bride’s emotions and feelings about her marriage life.

            It is true that stereotypes still exist despite a perfect union. In this case marriage becomes a different world for both men and women. In most cases women unlike men are emotionally affected. They spend most of their time thinking about the wedding and the start of a completely new life. Men on the other hand, think of development and projects that they may undertake to help their family grow. All in all, people get married because of societal expectations. People tend to believe that one should not be beyond thirty years while still single.

            Same sex marriages have become rampant in the United States since their legalization. I agree with the author’s argument that initially gay marriages did not require any form of public exchange of vows to declare their union, So the involved parties were at liberty to do anything to mark the occasion. Most of the rights of passage that exist in straight marriages no longer exist and new marriage traditions are emerging. Currently, gay marriages have a wedding guide that provides a framework on which they base their wedding ceremonies.