Sample Film and Theatre Studies Essay Paper on How has my appreciation for theatre grown

Reflective Essay

  1. “How has my appreciation for theatre grown?

Since childhood, I have always found theatre intriguing and captivating; it was my life goal to grace the stage and entertain the audience. However, I have com e to appreciate that theatre is not only about entertaining the audience but has much more to offer.

I have familiarised myself with several theatre terms and concepts. Terms such as cut-out, fit up, Gabo, grams, lamp, lanterns, plot and set among others. I can imagine myself being a director in the new future, because my director has inspired and allowed me time to learn and grow as a part-time actor. Furthermore, theatre has afforded young people a platform to explore societal issues as if it was happening.

  • “Why is theatre important?

The importance of theatre cannot be overemphasized, first through history. An important way to learn theatre is through acting the old books that provide a link between past, present and even future society. It is fun and interesting learning our ancient history through theatre in the stage. In fact, theatre is beneficial to an individual in various perspectives. It is a platform for an actor to exploit creativity, at the same time expounding our knowledge because as an actor you interact with different materials thus enable us understand our environment.

Additionally, theatre enables actors and the audience to learn cultures of other communities; as such people can adopt new lifestyles by observing their way of life. Moreover, theatre is a tool of education, many plays have a theme where actors depict and allow audience and the society to understand places and people.

Lastly, it is a source of employment and livelihood to the actors and the directors, and it is interconnected with being a means of entertainment, the audience pay to watch plays thus a case for mutual benefit.

  • Did anything in the course surprise me or change my opinions?

Throughout the semester, I have looked forward to and enjoyed theatre lessons as it has surprised and changed my opinions in different ways. First, Theatre has helped me in understanding the critical issues in the modern society such as climate change and racism. By participating in plays it gives ysou an opportunity to express your emotions and understanding life dynamics. My perception on many issues has now changed, credit to this unit.

I have come to learn of various theatrical forms, the modern theatre. For instance, initiatives such as Theatre in Education (TiE) has spread across Europe and has afforded students and opportunity to learn and embrace theatre, this has been achieved by soliciting help from seasoned actors, trainers and directors. Major plays such as ‘our own Rare Earth’ and ‘The Pitcher Plant’ have illuminated critical issues such as ecological responsibility and sex abuse respectively.

I have acknowledged that theatre can prepare someone for greater achievements. When preparing for plays you have to put a lot of work and dedication, meet strict deadlines and first learner, I did not think theatre could consume so much time. In addition, the impact of theatre has a double effect on the actors and the audience. The actors learn new way of life while the audience are exposed to critical issues in the society.

In a conclusion, the course has been the most impactful this semester. It has widened my thoughts on theatre as a unit, theatre as a means of passing information and educating the world.