Sample Ethics Paper on  Issues in Globalisation – Environment and Sustainability

Film Assignment 2

 List of Films


  1. Films viewed in Class

 Issues in Globalisation – Environment and Sustainability

  • Life cycle of a T shirt

  • How Sweden is turning its waste into gold

  • Digital Waste: Following the Trail of Toxic E Waste – 60 Minutes


  1. Additional resources for this film assignment


  • Toxicity: Life at Agbobloshie, the world’s largest e-waste dump in Ghana

  • The Toxic E-Waste trade killing Pakistan’s poorest

  • The dark side of electronic waste recycling

  • How can we fix the massive E-waste problem?

  • How it works – Computer recycling

  • How Switzerland is winning the batter against e-waste

  • How Tesla’s Battery Mastermind Is Tackling EV’s Biggest Problem

  • Are Electric Cars REALLY Better for the Environment

  • Solving EV’s Biggest Problem – Battery Recycling Explained


Basil Action Network Films:

  • Taking Responsibility in the Information Age

  • The Digital Dump






TOPIC: Textiles and Fast Fashion

3) You are familiar with the NSPE Code of Ethics (CoE) as well you know the codes of ethics in your own specialization. Please read these again carefully.

4)  Choose three issues in the topic you have chosen which in your opinion are against the spirit of the codes of ethics. Explain each issue, clearly state how it violates the spirit of the COEs and then present your own argument explaining the significance of the violation and its implications for engineers, the reputation of engineering as a profession and for the safety of (non-engineering) general public.

5) As you think about this assignment please remember that your task is not simply to focus on what is written in the CoEs; instead it is to why is it written / included in a CoE (hence the spirit of CoE).

6) Codes of Ethics are constantly revised and modified. There is an extra point for you if you are able to identify areas about which you feel the CoEs are silent. Are there new kinds of moral challenges, which the engineers and the engineering profession face in the 21st century, and which must be added to the CoEs.

Grading Rubric

Mechanics and Grammar (Max 2.0 points)

2.0: No significant errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation, or usage. Graceful sentences with appropriate variety of structures. Words are chosen precisely. Writing is vigorous and engaging.

1.5: Minor errors of mechanics and grammar. Occasionally awkward sentences. Active verbs are used, with few superfluous or poorly chosen words. Some pronouns without clear referents

1 – 0.5: Numerous errors in grammar and substandard usage. Several cumbersome and unclear sentences. Wordy, excessive nominalizations, weak verbs


Reference/ connection between the issue chosen and how it defies the CoEs (Max 3 points)

3.0: highlights 3 specific issues and identifies tension with the spirit of the CoE

2.0: specific and correct references to at least 2 actions and violations of CoE

1.0: specific and correct reference to at least 1 action and violation of CoE


Originality –Deficiency in CoEs (Max 1 point)

1.0 – identifies areas on which the CoEs are silent and recommends how they should be modified in light of new moral challenges facing engineers in the 21st century.

0.5 – identifies areas on which the CoEs are silent


Format (Total 0.5 point)

0.5: Double-spaced, in 12-point type, with one-inch margins. Submitted on time. 600-650 words in length with word count printed at the end of the paper. Separate title page with name and submission date.  Aggie Honor Code signed by the student on the cover page