Sample Ethics Paper on Analyzing The Newspaper’s Actions through the Prism of Sissela Bok’s Test of Publicity

Analyzing The Newspaper’s Actions through the Prism of Sissela Bok’s Test of Publicity

The Newspaper publication concerning Mayor Jim’s having intimate relationships with young boys went against the prism of Sissela Bok’s test of publicity in spite of its indisputable intention to meet public rights of knowing the truth. This is supported by the fact that, irrespective of unsupported and insufficient evidence to proof the allegations against Mayor West guilty, the newspaper published his abusive behavior of sexually harassing under age boys. The sources of information were not reliable and as a result, the newspaper could have sought more reliable and bias free source to support the allegations.  The prism also support that the key to test of publicity is discussing person’s reasoning with another party of which the newspaper did not adhere to.

Public has right to know the truth pertaining their political leaders, how they carry themselves and whether they deserve respects bestowed to them by the offices that they hold. Irrespective of the public having right to know the truth, this did not justify the action of the newspaper to violate any public officer’s image in the eyes of the citizens. Newspaper published the allegations concerning West’s private life which was not supported by any material and factual details. The main source of information that accused him as being involved in sexually harassing young men failed to mention him in several prior statements being involved this abuse behavior.

Hiring a consultant to chat online did not absorb the newspaper action of deceit. Explanations supporting that the consultant was to verify on whether mayor was trolling on the internet to lure underage boys was not viable. The reporter and the spokesman emphasized that the reason behind hiring a consultant was to bring pretence of a seventeen years old boy on a gay website and trap mayor to evaluate him on how deep he could go. The main purpose was to search the truth as per the newspaper but, it is evident that the core objective was to justify the deceit and this did not act on the reporters favor.

Revelations of the news were not worthy at all since the main intention of the newspaper report was to fabricate the image of the mayor. In spite of seeking for evidence to support their point of argument, reporter lacked enough evidence to justify mayor’s private life which was claimed to have been involved in abusing under age boys through harassing them sexually. The primary source of information did not formally mention mayor as being involved in abusive act of molesting young men. The news did not have any benefit to the public since it was controversial, deceitful since it was not supported by any material facts that could be proved beyond any reasonable doubt. 

Newspaper did not pass Bok’s test of publicity when it disclosed Mayor Jim West’s private life as being involved in trolling young men and luring them into intimate relationships. According to Bok’s test of publicity to justify ethical dilemmas, one is supposed to observe the following three steps. First step is to observe all available alternatives that could reduce injuries that could not be considered being morally doubtful. In case of action to conceal or when not completely honest the newspaper was supposed to require moral justification of the action. Second step, the newspaper did not consider moral reason behind its action of publishing deceitful information. The final step of Bok’s test of publicity that the newspaper failed to put the reasonable persons would respond to such arguments.