Sample Ethics Essay Paper on Ethical Issues on Abortion

Ethical Issue on Abortion

I strongly support the last opinion that sound more realistic and considerate approach to abortion. The approach appreciates the long-standing strife around abortion but calls for consideration of the plight of the mother, as well as protecting the unborn baby. While abortion remains legal in the country, the arguments for and against abortion hover around the issues of the right to life. The big question around abortion is whose rights to protect. While the mother’s life is of greater value, taking away the life of unborn baby amounts to murder. However, there must be a consensus and compromise on some grounds around the issue.

I strongly support the idea of introducing sex education and teaching safe sex among teenagers to reduce the incidences of abortion. While abortion remains legal, it is an unethical and gross breach of the individual right to life. Increasing the awareness among adult on responsible sexual behavior will reduce the incidences of unplanned pregnancies reducing the need to incur abortion (Badruddin, 2016). The argument for abortion on grounds that letting a young girl carry a pregnancy to term is likely to disrupt their life by interrupting their education or work and possible disruption of a promising future is biased and invalid. This is because depression is common among young mothers as well as those who incur abortion. However, with adequate sex information among adults, the rate of unplanned pregnancies will decrease reducing the incidences of abortion.

On the other hand, I agree that we cannot ignore the plight of the mother. There are instances that medical practitioners will have to make exemptions and considerations such as pregnancy resulting from rape or when the mother’s life is at risk. In this situation, the mother’s right to life prevails (Badruddin, 2016). Additionally, it will be a burden to bring a child of rape into terms and is likely to compromise the quality of life for both the child and the mother. However, with all other factors constant, I would argue against abortion as a breach of the child’s right to life but would make exceptions for certain situations.


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