Sample Ethics Essay Paper on Ethical and Critical Thinking in Haiti

Ethical and Critical Thinking in Haiti

Haiti is one of the countries facing different ethical dilemmas; various political, economic, as well as social environments not only characterize but also compromise the ethical wellbeing of Haitian societies. These incidences have subsequently led to irrational as well as unethical practices in Haiti, thereby threatening the future continuity, productivity, as well as sustainability of the country. It can be boldly concluded that the unethical situation in Haiti has led to the ineffectiveness of the country’s leadership, economic and social structures. This calls for insightful ethical consideration and analysis of the country’s social, economic, as well as political and leadership structures.

Various ethical theories can be used to explain the current ethical dilemmas and situations in Haiti as a mean of providing direction and salvaging the country from ethical deterioration. One such theory holds that family life is a major contributor to the ethical condition of a country or society. The family life of Haitians may be described as a society that underpins family system in heightened disastrous times. Fathers are considered the central figure of authority and are responsible for modeling the ethical condition of the family. Mothers also contribute to ethical modeling through their emotional and spiritual supports to the family.

Another theory holds that the country’s politics and leadership system has great influence on the ethical situation. The political structure in Haiti is corrupt and lack transparency, thus contributing to the ethical deterioration experienced in the country; politicians exploit the citizens and drive their own personal agendas. Lastly, the theory of critical thinking is essential in explaining and modeling ethical situation in Haiti. It indicates that Haiti makes wrong and unethical decision because the people overlook the prospect of critical and ethical thinking. As a result, many people are jobless, the poverty level is high, and there are limited social amenities to support the population. The revolutionary empowerment theory can be used to salvage the country from its current ethical deterioration through protests and mobilizations.