Sample Essays Review on ‘A Supermarket in California’, by Allen Ginsberg

Industrial revolution’s Influence on societal Social and Economic growth

In the poem ‘A Supermarket in California’, Allen Ginsberg compares modern society’s economic and its social standards. Ginsberg looks at the culture from the nature perspective and sees a society that has been detached from humanity and lost its personality. Whitman glorifies the character of the modern world; it does not find a place in the face of industrial evolution and economic modernization where everything has a price and everything is for sale. Ginsberg tries to seek solace in history for a question that the modern world has posed about the actual world and nature identity. When Ginsberg enters the supermarket, and he is amassed with the beauty of the commodities that he finds. He prefers to test the food symbolizing nature and ignores the pleasures. Social decadence is expressed in the poem as Ginsberg is known to be either homosexual or bisexual thus displaying the decayed societal morals.

This poetic story poses different questions about the modern society’s industrial revolution, the effects and changes regarding the moral values and the economic grounds. The modern society has substantially changed as everything is priced. The value of life is much different and expensive. According to Ginsberg’s, it is more valuable to choose food over worldly pleasures. These seem to be a better decision to make provided that the choice does not affect the lifestyle negatively.

The moral behavior of a society greatly depends on the environmental conditions and the accessibility of resources that make the conditions favorable encouraging certain behaviors. These are termed as unacceptable in most of the societal norms. Hence, the individual behavior should be on the check as it makes degrading the society‘s values. A system to govern every person’s behavior should be implemented such as if there is a violation of the norms the individuals is held responsible. The economy also is key to any society for its growth and stability. For the economy of a particular place to grow, the fiscal and monetary policies should be implemented to limit the public expenditure.

The setting gives an impression that a lot has changed, comparing the traditional and the modern life regarding the moral behavior and the economic growth. The discipline shows that the moral behavior is further going to be worse with time unless there is an implementation of societal policies to govern the individuals. Consequently, the economy is disrupted and mismanaged which may lead to mismanagement of income. For example, Ginsberg enters into the supermarket and comes across fruits that catch his attention and decided to buy and do away with the other pleasures.

Today, life has changed considerably in economic and social structures due to the influence of industrial revolution. These have affected fast, and efficient product and services availability created an independent and specialized economic life. The industrial revolution also has created urban worker to depend completely on the employer later than the rural worker. More consumers today are determined to acquire the best commodities that they can comfortably afford within their income limits. The new system could however not keep up to the standards of the goods demanded. The moral values today affect the economic growth. Individuals ought to minimize or do away with the worldly pleasures. In the poem, there are numerous commodities being sold. This gives individuals an opportunity to choose on how and when to spend wisely their cash.