Sample Essays on The Influence of Research on Nursing Practice

The Influence of Research on Nursing Practice

Research plays a pivotal role on nursing. New practices are developed that make nurses and the nursing profession more effective making it possible for them to offer the best health care. There have been developments on this field that have contributed to a huge improvement on the way nurses offer their services (Curry, et al, 2014). Researchers have focused on identifying areas of nursing that can be improved. This has improved the recovery rate of patients especially those suffering from manageable health problems.

The study covers evidence based guide for the administration of high blood pressure in adults. The study reviews the expectations of patients and how they should be treated to eliminate chances of their condition aggravating. The relationship between good nursing care and recovery of patients affected by high blood pressure is established. Patients are likely to improve if they receive the right medical care from qualified health practitioners (James, et al, 2014).

The study was conducted by a team of associates appointed by the Eighth Joint National Committee. They relied on literature from peer reviewed journals that carried extensive research blood pressure. The evidence was summarized and presented in a professional manner. The research is credible because it relied on peer reviewed journals carried out by respected researchers and institutions. The researchers also reviewed the information and used different journals to compile their report. Figures and tables were used to support the findings of the study (Lewis, 2015).

The findings of this study are very important to the nursing profession. It creates a correlation between patient recovery and the kind of care they receive when suffering from high blood pressure (Jirojwong, Johnson & Welch, 2014). Nurses should incorporate the findings of this study in their profession to improve the way they treat high blood pressure patients.


The findings of this study provide crucial information that will enable nurses offer better care to high blood pressure patients. This will contribute to the profession in a manner similar to that of important studies conducted in the past.



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