Sample Essays on Purpose and Effectiveness of Nursing Organizations

Purpose and Effectiveness of Nursing Organizations

The United States contains many nursing organizations that offer various services to their members. I am a member and familiar with American Nurses Association (ANA). The organization serves around 20% of the total nurses working in the United States. The organization plays a significant role in the medical field by uniting several nurses as well as providing them with an established networking base that leads them to various job opportunities.  The paper explores the purpose and effectiveness of American Nurses Association (ANA) (“American Nurses Association,” n.d.).

It is a good advancement for nurses to join ANA as their specialty organization. The organization provides nurses with a platform for networking, opportunities for accessing as well as continuing education, and obtaining significant updates regarding the nursing field and specific areas of specialty. The organization is effective in the provision of services to its members. Its leadership structure is well framed in a manner that it allows members to participate and elect leaders of their choice. Members also have the opportunity of ascending to a leadership role that enhances their professional growth. Besides, its governance policies, operations, and agendas are formulated to serve the interests of its members. Moreover, ANA employs policies that are likely to improve the status of its members. For instance, it has two sectors whereby one is aimed at professional initiatives while the other involves collective bargaining to serve its members well (“American Nurses Association,” n.d.).

Therefore, ANA is a nursing organization that provides its members a platform through which they can boost their knowledge in the field and obtain jobs. The organization is effective in the sense that it is committed to ensuring its members attain the best services. The existence of two sectors in the organization emphasizes on member satisfaction thereby portraying the effectiveness of the system.



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