Sample Essays on Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s stance on immigration is that America is in need of an elaborate reform that has a pathway to citizenship. Based on this stand she will enact such a reform agenda that will create the path to citizenship thereby keeping families closer and together and allowing them to come out freely. In addition, her stance is that she will spearhead the ending of family detention and close such private centers that detain individuals. According to her, creating a pathway would be a broad venture as it will entail not deporting law abiding illegal immigrants and registering new individuals who have not committed crimes in their mother countries.

On healthcare she believes that access to affordable health care is a basic human right for all Americans, currently the health care system of U.S. is among the most expensive health care systems in the world (Kernell et al 23). This is because health care insurance is in the hands of both the private and public institutions with those with high incomes accessing the best healthcare services. When elected as the president she will defend the affordable health care act to reduce on the costs of accessing heath care services. In addition, she will crack down on those drug manufacturers who have consistently increased drug prices, protect women when accessing reproductive health care including safe and legal abortion while expanding access of health care services to the rural Americans.

On national security her stance is that there is need to keep the country strong and safe from any terrorism activities by defending the core values and leading with good norms. Her main focus will be to defeat the ISIS and any other global terrorism threats with ideologies that strengthen alliances with other like-minded parties. The cornerstone of her campaigns is affirmed on defending America and all its values by establishing a strong foundation for good leadership, improved diplomatic influence among other countries and establishing a strong military so as to protect the American people from any internal and external force. In addition, her stance is that the homeland must be kept secure something that she advocated for as the secretary of state by co-operating with other global anti-terrorism agencies, stepping to stop terrorism recruitment and championing safe anchorages. To ensure that homeland is secure Hillary has affirmed her commitment to ensure that the military personnel are well trained, equipped and respond promptly to their challenges.

In my opinion, Hillary should be elected president because of the wealth of experience she has amassed from being the secretary of state as she had advocated for women and families. Her stand on health care policy is excellent, Hillary understands child care and women issues more than any aspiring candidate in the race for presidency (Bardes et al 30). Her comprehensive immigration policy is a score as this will lead reforms that encompass equal and full citizenship in the country. It can be remembered that when she was a first lady she helped in ensuring that a whopping eight million American children access health care services due to the wide health care coverage she offered. Finally, she understands foreign policy more than anyone since things have changed as enemies are now partners, building a case for her is easy since she has served in more senior positions and travelled a lot throughout the world.

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