Sample Essays on Death and Dying

Death and Dying

Death, as described by the scientists is the annihilation of all the natural functions of the body. In the process of death, the human body loses its meaning and is buried or cremated. I have had several experiences with death. It is evident that nobody ever prepares one for the occurrence of death (Leishman, 2009). Even the strongest beings find it difficult to cope with the sting of death. It leaves a permanent wound in an individual’s heart leaving a person with wrecked emotions. Losing my grandmother has been one of the worst experiences with death. My parents, siblings and I were enjoying our evening with her when she suddenly collapsed and died right before our eyes. The medics tried to resuscitate her but their efforts were futile.

Death is so traumatizing and a shock to everyone who experiences it. No one can ever say that he or she is fully prepared for the difficult moments that follow after the death of a loved one. My family and I became an emotional wreck after losing the person we loved so dearly so abruptly. Despite crying so much, my performance in school was badly affected. Apart from grandma, I also lost one of my closest friends through a road accident. It was a bright Saturday morning when we decided to go for a road trip. Houston, who was on the wheel suddenly lost control and hit a pole that was on the side of the road. Unfortunately, his chest was badly crashed and he died on the spot while I sustained serious injuries on my left leg. This was a miracle to me. I believe I cheated death and was given a second chance to live.

There are several things I would like to happen before I die. First, I would like to visit different areas of the world. These include Paris, Japan, Germany, and Africa as a whole. I would love to enjoy the different experiences with the diverse cultures. I believe this will give me different opportunities and offer intense satisfaction. I would also want to accumulate enough wealth for my children and my grandchildren. In my view, leaving an inheritance for the coming generation is an important factor to be considered by everyone who lives on earth. I would want to have viable businesses for my children hence ensuring that they live well. Thirdly, before I die, I would like to learn at least three new languages; Spanish, French, and Japanese. I would like to receive the satisfaction of conversing easily and freely with individuals from foreign countries.

After my death, I would love to have a gift left for the generations behind me as my legacy. I purpose to stand firm against racism as well as advocate for equality among men and women. I believe that women are not given the rights they deserve today. As a result, most of them face discrimination in their workplaces as well as social places. Some of them cannot comfortably vie for leadership positions in the corporate world since they are considered to be weak.

In my view, a person who dies still possesses a living soul. I believe this soul goes to rest somewhere waiting for judgment day. As a Christian, I believe that those who did not accept the Gospel of Jesus will be taken to the everlasting fire while them who believed and got saved will enjoy eternal life. I also believe in the fact that death cannot be predicted by any human being. The number of days one lives on earth are determined by the creator of man, God.



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