Sample Essays on Christopher Columbus and Sir Isaac Newton

Top Three Historical Figures

The following paper will assess the contribution of three historical figures to the development of Western Civilization.

Winston Churchill

One of the most acknowledged persons in the history of the world, Sir Winston S. Churchill, was born 30th November 1874. Churchill held the office of the Prime Minister in Britain from 1951 to 1955. During his lifetime and after his death in 1965, Churchill had many accolades including a Nobel Prize and an honorary citizenship of the United States. However, he is not recognized for his accolades but rather for his contribution to the defeat of the Axis in World War 2. Churchill’s contribution in the war helped the British with the aid of other Allies in defeat of the Axis. Had the Axis overcome the Allies, the landscape of Western Civilization would have been completely changed. As a talented orator and leader, Churchill boosted the morale of soldiers and allied citizens during the war. He also advised other leaders during the war. Churchill led the world during the war preventing control by the Nazis which would have changed western civilization. For example, Churchill’s memorable “We will not surrender” speech is considered as one of the greatest motivation speeches ever. His ability to portray calm in difficult circumstances prevented Britain from being overrun by the Nazis.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus was a pioneer, explorer, anda traveler. Born in Italy in the 1450s, Columbus was an astute sailor and navigator. He is regarded as the initial European to discover the United States. Columbus carried out many voyages. However, four trips which took him to the new world (Americas) stand out. Columbus, however, is not considered the first European to visit the Americas. Nevertheless, he was the first to create a lasting contact. Columbus contributed to the development of the Western Civilization by discovering the United States. The USA is the sole world’s super power. The contribution of the USA to worlddevelopment would be devoid if it was not for Columbus discovery. The USA though, would have been discovered eventually. However, without Columbus, the continent would have been discovered later thus curtailing the development in existence today. In addition, Columbus discovery paved the way for European exploration of South and Central America. The colonization of the new world by Spain was enabled by Columbus, who was given the mandate by the King of Spain. As such, Columbus is a major contributor to the development of Western Civilization.

Sir Isaac Newton

Considered to be at the pinnacle of scientists in history, Sir Isaac Newton was born in the year 1642. As the greatest scientist of his time, Newton was an astute mathematician, physicist, anda philosopher. Newton laid the platform for mathematics and classical mechanics through his books and works. In addition, he discovered the laws of gravity and motion. Newton’s contribution to Western Civilization is contained in his work. Newton’s discoveries in optics, calculus, gravity, mathematics, physics, and astronomy laid the platform for the scientists that followed. Newton’s work contributed to the success of other scientists like Albert Einstein andStephen Hawking. At the time of his existence, the world was devoid of any technological means. However, through astute determination and intelligence, Newton made discoveries that would lay the foundation for the progress of the Western Civilization. Technology and scientific discoveries have been the primary causes of the advancement of the civilization of the West. These advances would be impossible without the work of Isaac Newton.