Sample Essays on Africa as a Continent

Africa as a Continent

            Africa is the world’s second largest and most populated continent. It is the continent with the largest number of independent countries, that is, 54. It happens to be the richest continent in terms of natural resources like oil, gold, iron, petroleum and tropical fruits among many other resources. As much as it is the richest country in natural resources, but also happens to be the poorest in the world. This is because most African leaders who should be responsible for managing the available resources tend to misuse them for their benefit, leading to corruption, civil conflict and militarism.

In the south of Africa, the region is diverse with different races, language, culture, and color, which was highly brought during the colonial rule. The San people were the first settlers of Southern Africa in the mid 17th Century before the European Dutch speaking settlers came to the region. The region is currently among the most developed in the continent.

Gold in this region was discovered in the late 19th century. During this time, the region was disorganized and the mining was mostly undertaken by white settlers. The African people worked for the benefit of white people. Through this, the whites were trying to dominate the gold rich areas in the region. This led to war between the Africans and the whites. During the war, many Africans, including the black gold miners, had to relocate to other areas to seek peace and greener pastures.

Gold miners put on the gumboots for their mining activities, and they would sing and dance as they worked. They did this as an encouragement when working in the tough environment.