Sample Research Paper Writing on data analytics

What unique insight does Ben share regarding data?
Ben said that he is a data story teller who employs his expertise in data science, urban planning,
and improv comedy. He utilizes open-source software called QGIS to map publicly accessible
data. The ability to tell tales about the data will pique people's interest in the data, which is an
intriguing insight he offered. In order to maintain one's interest in the data, he advises connecting
with people's experiences and keeping the story straightforward. Additionally, he advises
concentrating on one concept, investigating your areas of expertise, and having an influence.
How might "storytelling" help you or anyone in a data analytics career?
By bringing the data to life, storytelling can aid those pursuing careers in data analytics. It can be
challenging to present and interpret data analytics results, and occasionally the target audience
may find it challenging to understand what is crucial. Ben claimed that when using data
storytelling to relate to people's experiences, they pay more attention and comprehend what is
Do some research – what industry might use "data storytelling" the best?
Organizations in the healthcare sector, in my opinion, might employ data storytelling the most
effectively. In the healthcare sector, a tremendous amount of complicated data is produced.
Finding solutions to healthcare issues and making crucial decisions may be made easier with the
use of data storytelling. According to McNemar (2021), using big data analytics can potentially
raise the standard of care, reduce the expense of treating chronic illnesses, and help doctors
implement preventative care strategies. The effects of data storytelling in this sector could be



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