Sample Essay Writing Paper on Living a Circular Life

Having a network that supports healthy living inspires a circular living as a developing
form of consciousness. Although the contemporary society and culture are entirely capitalistic,
which perpetuates a materialism sickness, Dallas Arcand advocates for a life through a circular
lens that living a simple life can be more fulfilling. Consequently, Arcand’s learns and perfects a
special hoop dance and shares his culture to demonstrate the athletic and creative form of art that
can help restore harmony and transform individuals to establish a healthy balance of life.
The course towards discovery and transiting to circular living is a path of self-
development. According to Arcand, an individual can lead a circular life by learning to balance
all the vital elements of self, including the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional aspects. In
this regard, I am trying to define my personality by searching my gifts, harnessing my talents,
and learning and training to enhance them. As Dallas puts it, the vital elements to a greater
personality include passion, persistence, and perseverance (Brown, 2016). Leading a balanced
life involves identifying your passion, persisting to actualize personal ambitions, and
perseverance during challenging situations. Attending to my spiritual self enables me to maintain
a harmonious relationship with the supernatural and shapes my emotional and mental aspects.
These elements help one to commit to overcome challenges and help others to overcome
difficulties in life. Indeed, Dallas presents the vital role of perseverance, passion, and persistence
in the pursuit of becoming a valuable asset in the community and attaining one’s potential.
While personalities are largely influenced by one’s cultural background, there is no
significant variation between living a circular life and predispositions of my culture that define
one as a noble person in the society. My culture prescribes kindness towards other human beings
and respecting others. Similarly, the circular living model stipulates that humans should attend to

their emotional duties, such as kindness and caring for others, as guided by one’s spiritual
background that is vital for mental development. This model of simple and productive living by
learning to balance the main elements of life implores individuals to always do what is right and
be considerate of others. Indeed, Arcand’s model of circular living resonates with my culture
when it comes for advocating for right and just actions to enable one lead a healthy and fulfilling
Some of the positive takeaways from the presentation include significance of the virtues
humbleness, respect, honor, and people’s connection to the Great Spirit that inspire and guides
their actions. The Christian doctrines of respect and humbleness play a critical role in defining
the personality development of people within their respective cultural backgrounds (TEDx Talks,
2014). My religious background emphasizes individuals must learn to respect each other to
sustain peaceful coexistence in the society. Further, I drew a valuable takeaway of the need for
holistic healing including the connection to the Great Spirit. This insight resonates with the
practice of seeking spiritual guidance in ones endeavors. Most significantly, this film draws a
lesson for the significance of persistence and perseverance for individuals to lead a balanced and
healthy life.
Dallas Arcand performs a special hoop dance as he attempts to highlight the significance
of the art in his transformation and eventual success. Dallas implores individuals to learn to
strike a balance on the vital elements of one’s personality including spiritual, physical, mental,
and emotional aspects. Further, Dallas emphasizes some cultural prescriptions for a noble life
that include humbleness, respect and honor besides highlighting the need for seeking spiritual
guidance. Lastly, Dallas presents valuable insights that individuals can integrate to lead a
balanced and healthy life and attaining one’s potential.



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