Sample Essay Writing Paper on Development plan

A development plan comprises relevant goals, skills and competencies a healthcare
worker needs for the continuous development of one's career. It includes the following;


At this point, I will scrutinize my present situation and the way it relates to my
career objectives. I will identify the interests and skills I have, and by doing so, I will realize
where need to put more strength. For instance, I will work on my leadership skills, time-
management and improve my communication skills.

I will structure them from easier to complicated ones, most importantly together with
my team we will categorize them as short and long term so that it will be easier to come up
with a detailed plan effectively. For example, I will increase the employee’s salary by 20 %,
every other member will work hard to get a promotion are our topmost goals amongst others.


We will list them ranging from exposure, learning, reflection and education. In our
strategies, we will try to be experiential in that we will get to practically involve ourselves in

new experiences to learn more. At this stage, I will request members to accept added
responsibility and we will find a mentor to take us through challenging sections of the


We will go deep down to our facility library, some of us will attend workshops, and
another team will enrol both local and international associations for us to refine our career


According to our timeline, in two months, we will secure a mentor who will guide us
on complex issues of the health centre, in five months, we will enrol project management
classes in our facility.