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Constructive criticism of editorial

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The editorial addresses the issue of immigration in the US and gives an opinion that it should be promoted. Although it lacks an introduction, its purpose and theme are clearly identified in the manner it emphasizes on the issue of immigration.  Irrefutably, the editorial has extensively engaged the issue of immigration and does not mention specific personalities. Also, a desirable aspect is that it refrains from name-calling and does not in any way involve petty tactics of persuading the readers. Rather than mention specific names of individuals against illegal immigration, the editorial directs its complaints to the US government.

The editorial’s pro-active approach to making the situation of immigrants in the US better cannot be ignored. It gives a suggestion that students and other foreigners seeking better and brighter futures by migrating to the US should not be driven away or punished. It goes on to mention that most immigrants do not have the intention of doing anything bad for the US as a country. Thus, its solution is that the US government should allow immigrants to reside, learn, and work in the US.

Apart from its outstanding content, the editorial is short and clear, and thus can be easily understood and interpreted by a reader. Although there are few grammatical errors here and there, the editorial’s message is understandable. Moreover, the transition from one idea to another is commendable. For instance, the author begins by giving his stand on the issue of immigration specifically in the US, and this is followed by various reasons and facts in support of the position or stand. The author also wraps the editorial by giving a concise suggestion or solution of what should be done to address the challenges faced by immigrants in the US.