Sample Essay Paper on World Traveler

World Traveler

Tom being a young man in his late twenties, probably 27, was always passionate with great expectation. He became an IT specialist at a tender age, being genius with computer systems and applications. Apart from his career, he had a craving for cars, ever since he was young. When he was a boy, he spent his days on the corridors driving toy car round and all over the house, sometime hooting with his mouth when the toy failed to realize an obstacle ahead.  His innocence of believing that the toys were actual cars matured to a dream. In his dreams, he had pictured himself owning a car, and not just a car but Honda S200. The car’s 6 speed transition, the front –engine, and rear wheel drive layout were the main attractive features that made him like the car with such a vivid admiration. His first salary after completing college was far below the adequate amount that would have enabled him purchase his dream car. However, it enabled him meet his monthly expenses and preserve some savings to enable him realize his dreams in future. This compelled him to bed a little lower and go for an Acura RSX. However, he watered his dreams with perennial online window shopping for the car that he had always wished to have. He was aggressive and enthusiastic about achieving his goal; his face portrayed a lot of curiosity as he went through several advertisements on the Internet. His decisions were focused and his desire was one, to have Honda S200 by all means.

         His conviction was assured when he came across a great offer for the car of his dream. His joy was evident in his eyes, which brightened with illuminations of vivid realization of a hidden treasure.  At that time, two things on his life mattered to him most, the car and his girlfriend, Sue. It was a black Honda S2000 and it had a price tag of $11,000, which according to Tom was so appealing that he never cared getting a loan and travelling for quite a distance to own the car. He made a call to the seller, and declared his interest in having the fancy car. His voice was smooth and genuine, it prompted the seller to trust him, even without his presence, they struck a deal and planned to meet. It was a business talk and everyone constrained himself within the territories of business ethic, the buyer sounded polite and serious while the seller was genuine in his terms. The terms were simple with a price tag of $11,000, and the seller was some miles away. Tom did not care or hesitate, he had thought of the deal as a good one and he needed to rush in order to maintain the position of first bidder. With inadequate cash to purchase the car, and his heart full of desire, he walked into the bank, weighed the options, and finally settled the best loan plan. It was a two year payment plan which seemed to be appropriate, with little pressure from his monthly salary. This meant that he cut down his monthly spending in order to cover the loan in the expected time, it was a little pinch on his cheeks but he had to bear it. The car was in perfect shape, with all modern technology in place, perfectly and properly. With a great deal from the bank, he succeeded in getting the car of his dream and decided not to sell his first car, but instead surprised his girlfriend with a gift. The girlfriend was swept by excitement that rendered her helplessly in the hands of Tom for a sensational hug. It was slow, and no one seemed to be in hurry to end the comfort from the hug, with such evidence of love and concern. They did it Australian way, with attention and embrace as a true confirmation of realistic charity.

            Tom adored his car with great care and concern, making sure it was ever clean and sometimes gazed at it from a distance to satisfy his eyes with pleasure of admiration. He felt the pleasure of achieving a life time dream when one is still young. In his mind, good thoughts that he always wanted to have kept on flooding in his mind. “With a car of your dream, and a job that you like, and a girlfriend that you love, what else would a man desire in his life?” he wondered.

One day, in a bright morning, Tom was off-work and her girlfriend had an appointment with the doctor. Tom made it his responsibility to chauffer his girlfriend in the comfort of his new black Honda S2000, a pure act of kindness portrayed by Australian gentleman. After the appointment they opted to do some shopping in the nearby center. After having bought everything that the house demanded, they walked down the mall, with their hands firmly held together, like a king and the queen enjoying peaceful atmosphere in their kingdom. They happiness was cut short, when they discovered they had no where to put their house supplies. It turned out to be a shocking experience when they discovered that the car was nowhere, or may be, it was stolen. It was hard to believe, such a car, with all its beauty and splendor, with all expenses that came with it, all negotiations made by John and the seller, John and the bank, all seemed to have born vain fruits with bitterness in their flesh. He almost hated everyone, and kept on wondering how a man or a woman would take something that he/she had not labored for. Tears of hopelessness were uncontrollable in the eyes of Sue, who knew how much the car meant to her boyfriend. With desperate moves made by Tom, from the police to the tracking company and finally to the insurance company, his hope was fading. His walking style became swift with his hands swaying vehemently side by side without a particular pattern. Later, there was a revival that came with great encouragement when the police reported that his stolen car had been delivered from the hand of the thieves. There was a smile of fortune in the face of Tom whose hope had faded out.

The Tragic Missing of a Husband

John found himself in a pathetic situation after being misled by his personal judgment. He landed in the police custody in a mysterious way, and the shame of it could not allow him to call and notify his own family. He thought his own wife; Jill, was cheating on him after getting misleading evidence on the matter. How the drama unfolded was quite hilarious, it was like one of those ancient movies of Holly Wood; the only difference was that this particular one was real and not imaginary. John and Jill had planned to have some time together, probably in a hotel, to have a meal together as they evaluated some important issues concerning their marriage. Their marriage was swimming in stormy ocean, and in order to prevent it from sinking, it was necessary for them to have a proper dialogue. After job, John decided put out the official regalia, and probable look somehow casual, after all, the meeting was only a family matter. When he went to his home to change for dinner, he could not help shut his mouth from getting wide open. Actually, he could not believe his eyes for what he saw. The man he had considered the best friend, Douglas, was no longer a friend, but had decided to feast beyond his territory or worst still, cheat on his wife. The scene was horrible and disgusting, with the view of ‘Douglas’ half naked, next to the swimming pool, looking relaxed, and enjoying the magnificent offer of another man’s prey. John could not hold himself up, and like a gentle he had to gather his broken pieces, either to hell or to the police station. He chose to get some refuge from the police station, considering better to spend the night in the cold corridors of police than in his home with his unfaithful wife. The pressure of his blood flow had slightly increased, and the neurons in his mind seemed to give a slow response. He could not reason or comprehend appropriately, and his body twisted unconditionally with confusion. He held his head with both his hands, pulled the hair on his head roughly, bite his nails, and made some monologue that no one could understand. He looked confused and completely mad with jealous and unreasonable interpretations.

            On the hotel, his wife had arrived on time according to their plan, and kept on looking at the entrance to welcome his husband from a distance. His wife waited innocently with bated breath on a date that never materialized. She shook her head steadily, from side to side, checking on her watch every minute, but time seemed to drag itself in quite a slow pace. The number of times she tried calling her husband was countless, and even the messages she sent were not answered at all. “Am so ashamed of you John, you have treated me with such a low dignity, I deserve a better treatment as you wife”, she wrote a text to him. After such a wait, for respect and concern, with calls and texts, all the labor was in vain. She swiftly grabbed her handbag and vanished, of course, the waiters were surprised but minded their own business.

            The episode was far from ending, actually, after a failed communication with John, the night waited for Jill with mockery. That night the bed was rough and cold, the night was longer than usual, and the darkness was scary and noisy. She did not switch off the lights the whole night in order to scare the mocking darkness away. When the morning came, there was no need for breakfast, instead she decide to report the matter to the police before doing any other job. It was shocking to find her husband in the police custody, ahead of him, with a gloomy face and rather confused gestures. He looked different and troubled; his face was unable to hide the torture that he had faced overnight in the absence of his wife. Jill had great sympathy and her face was shaded with mercy and concern.  As a wife, she inquired to know the problem from the man who looked at her with scornful eyes. “How on the earth would she be pretending not to know what she had done!’ The man wondered. The police officer on duty was wise, he had noticed the tension between the two couples and decided to host them for a while. The police man ushered them to the guest room, which was open with some tables and chairs. Immediately he left them to discuss their issues, he heard a loud bang on the table, only to realize that John had done it unconditionally. However, the policeman never bothered because he thought such reactions were necessary to relieve tension. Words were exchanged between the two couples with Johns tempers dominating the whole conversation. Jill was tender in her reactions and seemed to be more willing to solve problem, maybe she never wanted to face another tormenting night alone. In order to make his arguments stronger, John produced the evidence; some photos he had taken of half naked man who he thought was his best friend, Douglas. When Jill proved to him that the man on the photo was her brother who had paid them a call, his face froze with embarrassment.

It was rather shameful and embarrassing when the man discovered that he had misjudged his wife. He coiled his lion power that made him roar with a loud noise, and withdrew his vigorous gestures. He became calm as is eyes dropped in tears of guilty and rejuvenated affection towards his innocent wife, Jill. The only thing that saved him from the embarrassment was his wife’s firm embrace; in fact, it gave him an opportunity to utter emotional words, “I am so sorry, you are the best wife in the whole world”. As they walked out of the police custody, it was like the bride and the bride groom walking down the aisle. Nevertheless, the issue taught them better lessons than a teacher could offer.