Sample Essay Paper on Transport Security

Transport Security

            The transport sector entails various modes of transportation including the aviation, roads, rails, and water. This sector is under constant threats as far as security is concerned. Terrorism accounts to most of these threats with the motive of attacks targeting huge masses of people as well as seize goods in transit for their own selfish gains (McDougall and Radvanovsky 23). This has lead to the growing need to employ various security measures in a bid to ensure safety to the people as well as the goods in transit. This discussion underscores existing security measures in air transport and provides specific details.

            Air transport security measures currently in place include security checkpoints with the use of high technology such as the use of x-ray machines, physical search of passengers, and the use of sniffer dogs to detect any flaws that might jeopardize with the security of on-board passengers and the goods in transit (Senguttuvan 92). These security measures are effective and have really helped to reduce a number of air transport security issues. However, there are challenges that face the continuous airline security improvement process including high costs of obtaining the necessary security measures, poor infrastructures linking airports with the security personnel among others.

            These security measures effect transport and logistics management in a manner that enhances effective control of security issues to allow safe movement of people as well as goods in transit. Additionally, they enhances risk reduction by identifying potential threats and allowing appropriate security actions to mitigate harm both to the passengers and to the goods (Senguttuvan 101). Transport security is very essential in ensuring effective transport and logistic management because of the fact that it helps to reduce security issues and thus making air transport safe for people as well as goods.

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