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  • To secure a better teaching field and demonstrate valuable technical and communication skills.
  • I am a dedicated teacher ready to continue with a full-time career and can provide a good record of commended performance education grades, with a zeal for education and steadfast commitment to optimize success for both school and students.
  • I would like to be a member of universities and get a scholarship to complete my Ph.D. program.


Classroom Discipline and Management

Creative lesson preparation

Learner Assessment

Syllabus Development



Bachelor in Islamic Law with a high GPA of 3.85 at Umm Alqura University, Makah, Saudi Arabia

Masters degree from IUPUI in American Law, United States


I worked as a teacher for three years in privet schools and with a contract with a public school.

During my LLM program, I worked with OIA as a volunteer monitor for international students related to my field.

Key Contributions

  • Obtained high marks for the creativity and excellence in classroom teaching, lecture plans as well as instructional materials needed in teaching various subjects.
  • Actively served on a number of task forces and school committees focused on syllabus development and textbook review.
  • Established affirmative relationships with fellow teachers, parents, pupils and school administrators.
  • Developed inventive approaches that were continually aimed to meet district objectives in areas such as experiential learning and literacy.
  • Consistently applauded for the capacity to readdress students portraying behavior problems through replacing disruptive and unproductive conduct with good behaviors.


Uphold effective communication between school board and core group members.

Develop cultural knowledge through attending and taking part in various events involved in schools.


  • I am exceptionally dedicated to my students, who consistently bring innovation and creativity into my lesson plans and classroom
  • I can effectively address diverse learning styles