Sample Essay Paper on Regrets at Deathbed

Regrets at Deathbed

            Of all the regrets that have been mentioned in the article, I have found the regret of having worked so hard in life the most surprising (Goldstein, 2013). I have been under the impression that most people, especially the less wealthy ones, would regret not having worked hard enough for themselves and their families to prosper. I usually try a lot to squeeze as much as I can out of time in terms of work, and this is a shocking revelation that I might be working too hard for my good. The expression that nobody has ever kicked him/herself on their deathbeds for missing a day of work, however, is true (Goldstein, 2013). This applies when one is employed to achieve the dreams of the employer and when in an occupation that one does not have a passion for.

 I do not think that there is anything more fulfilling than working in a sector that one has a passion for. I believe that if everyone followed their dreams, they would not have to work so hard. They would enjoy what they are doing for living so much that it would be a source of nourishment for them. Having considered that, I feel that this regret is a repetition of the one about living a life true to oneself, as that is the one that would lead a person into taking up an occupation that is his/her passion (Goldstein, 2013). Having taken that path, one would not need to work so hard. Once one is in an occupation that he or she loves, they would not have the regret of having worked so hard. Instead, the hard work would be a source of satisfaction.


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