Sample Essay Paper on Public Administration

Public Administration

The organization that I plan to research is The Office of Greenways & Trails (OGT). OGT, found within the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)’s Division of Recreation and Parks, is an established organization in Florida. Its main aim is to promote the economy, tourism, recreation, quality of life, conservation, and health. The main concern for the Office of Greenways & Trails is to ensure that technical assistance is offered to the community with regard to designation, development, management, and acquisition in fulfillment of the FTGS main plan and vision. It also entails offering information about the greenways and trails in Florida (FDEP, 2012).

The proposal for the Final Assessment will cover four main research questions.

  1. The leading research questions that I propose to pursue is, “Is the management style in this organization effective enough to steer the organization to better results?
  2. Are the policies created for this organization workable? Justifiable? Do they have a significant effect on the organisation?
  3. Is the financing of the expansion of trails in the local community ethical and workable? Is it justifiable?
  4. How is the performance of the staff in this organization evaluated?

Research sources that will be used for this proposal include primary and secondary sources. The primary sources will include journals, letters, speeches, and magazine articles. The secondary sources will be textbooks and lecture notes. Despite the difficulty inherent n using secondary including difficulty in finding useful and relevant information and evaluating their relevance to the research and  quality requirements of the research (Hox & Boeije, 2005), secondary data will be important in contextualizing my research. Secondary data will also be important in establishing the parameters of my research (Quirk eMarketing, n.d.). I will also carry out an interview with the management team of the organization to collect the data required for this research proposal. Additionally, I will make use of questionnaires, especially in determining whether the financing of trails is ethical.


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