Sample Essay Paper on Promotional Policies Part 2

Promotional Policies Part 2

Black Friday shoppers visit retail stores on the Friday immediately after thanksgiving to shop for a few number of items whose prices have been discounted. Cyber Monday shoppers buy items on-line first Monday subsequent to thanksgiving. The shoppers in Black Friday are different from those on Cyber Monday, as some people prefer to shop on Black Friday while others prefer to wait on Cyber Monday when they can conveniently do their shopping online (Swilley & Goldsmith, 2013).

Although the retailers may claim that the deals they offer are the best, they may not be acting in the best interests of their customers rather they may be exploiting these holidays to increase their sales. It is possible to do shopping way before the season has started and avoid shopping on Black Friday however, one would participate in Cyber Monday shopping to buy one or two items, which were forgotten. Retailers take advantage of consumers since only a few selected items are offered discounts; most items are also luxury items, which results to materialist spending by the consumers and increased profits for retailers (Swilley & Goldsmith, 2013).

 Retailers can integrate shopping in the stores and online shopping by encouraging people  to go to the stores scan the items they need and then pay for them using their smart phones. They can also buy products online and later pick them in the stores as they check on specifications. The advertisements and promotions to consumers preceding thanksgiving weekend should mainly focus on those products, which are not seasonal in this period and less on the products that are likely to be in demand during this season (Swilley & Goldsmith, 2013). The role of black Friday and Cyber Monday will be less effective because consumers will start buying the items they require during this Christmas season as early as October hence reduce the rush experienced during these holidays.

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