Sample Essay Paper on Professional Goal Statement

In my life I have always dreamt of working in an international corporation that enjoys a high market reputation, embraces diversity, talents, and innovations. I would like to work for all business functions of management and after a successful career to move out and manage my business ventures. I knew that a successful business must be managed professionally. To gain these skills I had to work very hard in school starting from primary level, high school and at the tertiary level. I made sure I was excellent in mathematics, humanity studies, and literature. I was academically gifted and not only passed my subjects of interest but all subjects in the school curriculum. I was always at the top of the class and took challenges positively from other bright students who would outcompete me. Given my brilliance in science subjects, one of my high school teachers had asked me to consider switching my career prospects to that of engineering. I still love design, but I could not forego my passion for business management. Most of the times I find myself in the library reading design books ranging from computers, machines, electronics and petrochemicals but this is just to fill my mental desire for knowledge but not for career purposes.

I am proficient in using both the English and Chinese languages; this gives me mobility advantage in the modern globalized world. I will be able to conduct international business with ease given that the two languages are widely spoken all over the world. Companies that hire me will save money that can be used to hire a professional language translator. I will be able to interact with other business leaders on a personal basis something that will add me professional value and real networks. When I was a young person, my supportive parents took me to a music school where I passed level 9 examination in China. Apart from my degree, I will still use this skill as a hobby to entertain myself and friends. My studies at Saint Louis University has given me a lot of knowledge and exposure in the field of business management.

The people in Missouri and around St Louis University are very supportive both emotionally and socially. I graduated from a Lutheran high school which is also in Saint Louis. The right environment and civilized people in this city have made me develop a good emotion with this city. Although I will be graduating with an accounting major I am not interested in practicing accounts, a reason I have been so reluctant in pursuing professional courses in CPA. For one to practice accounts in Missouri, you have to pass all the test for a certified public accountant. Most of my classmates would pursue both a degree and a CPA so that by the time of graduation they would easily get a practicing certificate. Business and management are two disciplines that work together to achieve success. A business cannot be successful without an efficient management system (Berman & Sara, 13-14).

My parents would encourage me to do a business related profession. They would see my aggressiveness from the time I was young. I would manage household duties so well that you would think it is a business. My passion continued to high school where I was appointed the chairman of the business club. I know starting a business one need capital, but before I obtain the required amount, I believe that multinational companies will hire my professional expertise to manage their businesses. Despite being a bright student back in my homeland China, education instructions in the United States are in English. I managed my time very well so that I learn English to help me earn good grades in school. Through commitment and support from my English teachers, I was able to pass my high school education and managed to secure Deans Scholarship.

            To sharpen my skills in business management, I am aiming at pursuing a Masters of business administration(MBA). I have performed well in my undergraduate degree, and this makes me hopeful that I will secure a direct admission into this post graduate program. An MBA will increase my career prospects for a high salary potential. Most companies in Missouri offers a competitive salary package to masters graduate than they do to degree holders. An MBA holder has an expansive knowledge concerning business hence preferred for a management position (Bennet & Nathan,44). Increased business knowledge will make it easy for me to be my own boss once I am through with my career. An MBA graduate can quickly become an entrepreneur one learn a lot of innovative skills before completing the program. The program teaches business planning, management and financial handling which constitutes core competencies for an entrepreneur. The course will increase my networking skills, guarantee me a good future through better career opportunities. After pursuing my MBA program, I will be able to work with people from all different part of the world. I will be flexible and more credible to adapt to any business environment. The program will enhance my knowledge, improve my communications skills and my personal development.

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