Sample Essay Paper on Plagiarism


Learners often interact with other people’s ideas on a continual basis through reading them in text, class discussions, and hearing them in lectures, and end up incorporating them into their own writing. This would thus call for giving credit where it is due. Plagiarism for this case constitutes the use of another person’s ideas, thoughts, or words, or any facts or information that is beyond common knowledge without clearly acknowledging the source of the information. Plagiarism also constitutes the act of acquiring others’ work and submitting them as your own original work.

In order to avoid plagiarism by students, the Honor Code was put in place to govern the acceptable conduct in the submission of scholarly works in higher institutions of education in order to establish and maintain high standards in academic work. Taking a look at Donna’s case, her action would be a violation of the Honor Code. The Honor Code requires that scholars, whether jointly or independently, should not obtain or offer assistance in examinations; that they do not accept or offer prohibited support in classwork, whether in the preparation of reports, or any other assignment that would be used by the tutor as the basis of grading. It also requires that learners perform their part and actively cooperate to see to it that their colleagues, as well as they, maintain the spirit and letter of the Honor Code.

When Donna uploads her work in exchange for others’ work for her future benefit, she would have participated in both aiding others and receiving of prohibited assistance in assignments that would be used by the tutor as the basis of grading during her course. The material that she posted would also aid other students with the same intention as her’s in their classwork. Through a close and keen examination of Donna’s case, it would be justified as plagiarism due to several reasons that constitute the plagiarism package. To begin with, Donna would submit an unoriginal piece of work that belongs to someone else as her own original piece of work. The sources that may be featured within the text that Donna intends to obtain would not be creditable for her case because she did not go through them in the first case but would instead have them as her sources and as a result, she would be justified to have plagiarized.

Other than the cited sources within the text, the original student who wrote the work must have incorporated their own ideas within the text which Donna would use blindly as if they were her own original ideas which constitutes plagiarism. As Donna’s instructor, I would assist Donna with her case through professional advice and warn her of the academic misconduct that she will have engaged in, and all the possible consequences that she would be most like to face. I would remind her to review what is required of her in the Honor Code and relate it to her act. I would also assist her through advising on how to manage her time well and how she would create time for her school work.

My major is Fire Administration. It involves courses and programs directed at improving the knack of fire and emergency services and associated specialists in meritoriously dealing with fire and any other related disasters. My major uses the American Psychology Association (APA) format for writing. After a close examination of this writing style, I discovered this style of referencing is a bit complex and disruptive. APA guidelines have several specific directives on how to organize the reference page with the directives fluctuating depending on the type of source. The use of in-text citations also interrupts the flow of the information presented within the text as the reader would have to stop to read the citations before continuing with the rest of the section. It however uses a straightforward style which allows for direct elucidation of the research, accentuating on the original ideas being conveyed.