Sample Essay Paper on Personal Tweet

Personal Tweet


Social, creative, outgoing, born leader & lv writing. got publications. #PR & #Eventplanner. Bringing social context to pen & paper.

Analysis of the tweet

Twitter is increasingly becoming the major platform that people are using to converse and share information. The rise of social media is rapidly gaining popularity especially in organizations that are in constant contact with their customers. One of the common rules is that a tweet comprises of only one hundred and forty characters. This restricts the composer from writing a lot of information; hence, incomplete sentences, and abbreviated words among others are allowed. Therefore, the composer should express what he or she wanted to communicate in those 140 characters in an eloquent way that the recipient will understand. In light of this, the above tweet describes my personality and what I love to do. This paper provides an analysis to the above tweet in order to identify the information it contains and how it aligns to the communication concepts.

The tweet contains a message that is communicated to the audience by the sender and the recipient has to critically analyze it using the interpersonal communication concept. Interpersonal communication refers to the conveyance of information between two or more parties. Communication aims at relaying a message from one point to the other through a medium. Twitter is an example of these platforms that can be used to relay information and pass the message across. According to the communication concepts, there must be a sender and the recipient of the information. In this particular tweet, I am the sender since I am the composer and twitter is the medium of communication or the communication channel. Before the sender releases the information, he/she has to encode or come up with the message that he or she wants to put across. Therefore, there must be content of the specific message that is about to be sent. In this tweet, the content is describing my personality and hobbies. It is quite clear from the tweet that the composer is a social, outgoing, has public relations, and loves writing. The content describes what message is carried in the information that is being conveyed. Similarly, the reader can understand that the composer has leadership skills from the phrase “born leader.”

Abbreviated words are commonly used in social media such as #PR which refers to public relations. However, it might be difficult for any person to decipher the meaning from such short forms. They may not be familiar with the abbreviated words or they may have more than one meaning. Therefore, the context of the message is important in aiding the audience in extracting the information. Context refers to where the communication is taking place or the milieu of the communication. It incorporates both the physical and the social environment in which the communication is taking place. Some selective phrases can aid in understanding the type of people conversing and the context of their communication. For example, a phrase like “you are late for your daily injection” may imply that it is in a hospital context. In the above tweet, the context is not easily identifiable but, it can be a person who is applying for a job as an event planner. Twitter employs the use of hash tags which are prefixed with the symbol (#). The hash tags aids in collecting tweets which are referring to the same item or event into a collective group. The above hash tag #PR & #Eventplanner shows that the tweet is a mass communication or non-interactive level of communication.

The communication concepts and theories assert that there is a probability of interference during an exchange of information. During a verbal communication, noise can be a hindrance to effective communication. In the case of twitter, interference can be from a number of factors. For instance, lack or poor internet connectivity may deter the conveyance of information to the recipient. Secondly, twitter feeds appear in a very large number and the tweet may disappear before the recipient notices. Language barrier is a major hindrance to this type of communication as it mainly employs the use of incomplete sentences and abbreviated words. This may prompt the recipient into understanding the wrong information or completely failing to understand the message. The other communication concept is the expected feedback after the recipient receives the information. Feedback is crucial as it notifies the sender that the receiver has gotten and understood the message. It also shows that the recipient is ready to act according to the message. However, the above tweet is non-interactive; hence, it is not targeted to a specific recipient. Twitter embraces twitter handles which are the tags for the parties communicating via this platform. A twitter handle is prefixed with the symbol @… and it aids in notifying the recipient of an impending message. Twitter communication is similar to the other mode of communication although it does not embrace body communication. Therefore, the above tweet comprises of most of the communication concepts used in interpersonal communication.