Sample Essay Paper on Nurse Engagement Final

Christian View on Jesus’ Death

Human life is predestined by God just as Jesus’ death was foretold by the prophets Isaiah and written in the Gospels of Luke and Acts of Apostles. Believers are reminded to know that every aspect of their life is according to the will of God (Schrader et al, 2015). Moreover, the death symbolizes the omnipotent ability of God against evil, giving Christians hope and faith to be believers of the superpower of God even in most trying moments.

Christianity and Death in Old Testament

           After life is granted to only the righteous and God-fearing people as the wicked will perish like beasts (Thang, 2017). Old Testament teaches on the need to respect and obey God as the sole creator creator and giver of life, Job knows that death is inevitable but he relies on god for strength even in times of turmoil. Additionally, the life of every human being is in the immortal hands of God who above everything, gives life and takes it away at His own time.

Christianity and Good Death

Christians acknowledge the death ceremony of any human being to be conducted in a peaceful and dignified manner as a sign of good riddance. The family is made aware of the loss of their loved one while advised to accept that the will of God to human life (Semino, 2017). Nevertheless, God is recognized as the ultimate giver of life and takes it at His own time.

Power of Good Listening

The power of listening is vital for shaping our character as it creates us, unfolds our personality and shapes our thinking. In the spirit of intelligence and performance, creative ideas are generated; relationship ties are developed and improved. Information passed through listening keenly assists to make decisions and also provide a forum for educating other people on the best actions to take.

When Breathe Becomes Air

Paul Kalanithi in the quotes educates about sharing knowledge and experience with other people and not selfishly keeping to oneself (Kalanithi, 2016). Inspiration is drawn on the importance of shared acquired knowledge and building each other in their lives and careers.


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