Sample Essay Paper on Individual Critical Analysis

Individual Critical Analysis

            In the professional world, an individual’s skillset is the most vital asset. A particular person might decide to pursue a certain field of study, but in the end, this person might be deficient of the essential skills that are required. The motivation behind my choice to study business is the ability to utilize the knowledge I have in all contexts. More specifically, business courses equip an individual with the attributes that are essential to manage an enterprise or a specific group of people. Moreover, the field of business enables an individual to comprehend the feature of managing people, and in the end, a business scholar is capable of steering a specific group of people to achieve a certain goal. The business profession is a pragmatic field, and the study enables scholars to obtain a high level of expertise in various fields.

            My main strengths include the ability to lead and manage people in an efficient manner. Secondly, I uphold the utmost values of integrity and professionalism, and this enables me to achieve the set objectives at all instances. Thirdly, I am conversant with the dynamics of human capital, and I manage the aspects of human resources in a proficient manner. More intently, I am innovative and I embrace collective decision-making procedures, and this enables me to perform at an optimum point at all times.

            I have an in-depth experience in matters that concern human resources, and this enables me to perform the role of a mediator in scenarios of conflict. More precisely, I display effective communication skills in the case of grievances between two or more employees. In order to communicate effectively, listening skills are necessary, and I ensure that I listen to both sides of the divide at all times. I then offer a solution that is viable to both parties. For instance, when I worked at Syrine Transport and Services (STSS) in Tunis, I managed to resolve several conflicts, and in these scenarios, I had to exhibit effective communication skills.