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  1. Choose a topic from the video History of Physical Education in the United States ( ). Research your topic of interest and summarize the new knowledge gained through your research.

There is no doubt that in contemporary society, sports play an integral role in people’s day-to-day life. One thing people forget is that several years ago, most of the sports taken for granted today did not exist. Also, most of the sports that existed say 120 years ago would not be easily recognized by modern sports audience. One of the countries that prioritize and emphasize the need for sports growth and development is the United States. For the most part, most of the sports in the U.S. today evolved from games that were played majorly for leisure and entertainment to modern sports industry that rivals any sector concerning power and size. The faster rate at which U.S. sports is growing has had ripple effects on many aspects and sectors including popular culture, the political context, education, integration, and the business context (Howard & Crompton, 2002). With the evolution and growth of sports in the U.S., there has been an increase in popular culture influence. Over the past century, sports have not only reflected changing social attitudes and standards but have affected modern popular culture as well. Sports such as soccer have triggered advances in techniques as well as achievements reflecting a sportsperson’s commitment. In the same vein, people’s fashions have now changed and reflect sports clothing more than was witnessed before. Other than influencing and reshaping the popular culture of the U.S., sports have helped to shape America’s political scene. This is evident in the fact that office-seekers from President to governors to senators and others seek the endorsement of sports personalities. In other cases, athletes have often relied on their fame to run for political positions. The growth of sports in the U.S. is primarily because of the attention it receives from all corners in today’s society. During Barrack Obama’s tenure as president, his love for sports and the fact that he had been a sportsman initially saw him push for the growth of the American sports industry.

  • Provide your own personal reflection based on the information you learned through your research. How has the information changed your perspective? Do you think the topic is still present in today’s culture? Describe and detail your perspective.

According to physical education experts, the growth of sports in the U.S. must be appreciated for its role in enhancing the U.S. population’s physical fitness. I also believe that the widespread sports activities or events across the U.S. attract people’s attention with more people showing a preference for taking part in sports activities every new day. The key thing learned from research is that various sports have had significant impacts on popular culture, the political context, education, integration, and the business context. Concerning popular culture, people have become actively involved in sports activities, and this comes with compulsory physical activity. For instance, for a person interested in taking part in a soccer match, he or she has to prepare physically for a given period. The American population has gradually moved from a culture of inactivity to a culture of activity, which is good from a health perspective (Howard & Crompton, 2002). The information from the research conducted on the growth of sports in the U.S. has changed my view of sports. Previously, I believed that the sports industry receives significant financial support both at the federal and state level without making substantial contributions to society. My perspective has since changed given the level of physical activity witnessed in the U.S. today because of sports. I presume that people talk a lot about sports in the U.S. not only about how it has grown over the years but about its critical contributions to the physical activity of the American population.

  • Continue the timeline that was presented in the video and research a current event that has impacted our current culture within the years (2015-2017) associated with fitness, physical activity, recreation, leisure, sport, physical education, etc.

Summarize your current event in your own words using paragraph form. A summary provides the most important information to the reader in a clear and concise manner. The reader should have a clear understanding of the current event topic and the message being conveyed in the current event.

The creation of gymnasiums began several years ago but has continued to the present with more gyms being established in every city or town not only in the U.S. but around the world (Dgobbie1, 2014). Research shows that every North American and European city and small towns have a fitness gym. In fact, gyms are considered the most pursued leisure places in contemporary Western societies. To a large extent, the creation of gymnasiums has impacted the American population’s current culture with people shifting from dormant or inactive cultures and lifestyles to cultures of frequent physical activity. One of the major factors motivating people to visit gymnasiums is the desire to have a specific body physique that is in line with contemporary aesthetic ideals. Other than the emphasis put by healthcare experts on the need for a physically active body, today’s culture is that where people prefer to have well-toned bodies or physiques that attract those of the opposite sex in most cases. This can only be attained through frequent physical exercises using resources that are provided within gymnasiums. A section of gym enthusiasts believes that going to the gym is a way of demonstrating the desire to be a good citizen and to achieve individual health responsibilities (Doğan, 2015). Unlike before, the recent years (2015-2017) have witnessed a significant increase in the participation of women in gyms. Although the motives of both men and women are different when it comes to attending the gym, one common goal that is achieved in the long run is physical fitness or activity.

  • What is your own personal reflection and perspective about the information you learned in the current event? Think critically about the information learned and provide a meaningful response. You may need to conduct additional research around the topic covered in the current event in order to provide a quality reflection.

I presume that the creation of gymnasiums has played a vital role in the increased physical activity witnessed in the U.S. population. Although the establishment of gymnasiums began several years ago, more of these have been established in recent years. This can mainly be attributed to the change in culture and lifestyle with more people preferring to be physically active based on recommendations of health experts. I am of the opinion that going to the gym is not only about physical training and exercise but also training for life. I agree with various research indicating that frequent gym workouts help to create better versions of the self. Usually, the better versions of the self are on three major levels. The first of these levels is that by going to the gym, people see themselves as efficient and productive members of society. The second level is that gym workouts tend to increase the belief and control people have over their lives (Doğan, 2015). People who are physically active are free from frequent illnesses, which makes them have beliefs in themselves and have control over themselves. A third is a notion among gym enthusiasts that gym exercises are closely linked to increased emotional resilience. This means that by keeping physically active, people not only benefit from a physical perspective but also from a psychological perspective. The fact that gymnasiums are well-equipped with workout facilities and trainers make it easier for people to achieve their physical fitness objectives by visiting such places as compared to when they train alone at home. Involvement in regular physical activities such as running in the field, skipping ropes, and other outdoor physical activities are not likely to have better outcomes as compared to visiting gymnasiums.

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