Sample Essay Paper on Food Insecurity and Hunger

Food insecurity and hunger

The idea of food insecurity is a global phenomenon whose occurrence is not merely affected by the environmental conditions of an area, but also the technological advancement as well as the economic capability of the inhabitants of a region. In addressing such as multifaceted issue, it is of great significance to implement multifaceted approaches that ensure a long lasting solution. In addition to the implementation of alleviation agendas, the incorporation of the ideas and participation of the natives in such projects is critical so as to ensure continuity as well as prevent the development of culture shock or interfering with their norms and regulations. For such endeavors to become successful, it is prudent that they are adequately developed, monitored, and evaluated. This aspect necessitates the involvement of more than just a singular individual in the fight against food insecurity and hunger.

However, every group or organization is composed of individuals with the determination to achieve a particular yet common objective. Therefore, my priority would be to identify and collaborate with like-minded individuals in the achievement of food security. Secondly, I could dedicate a section of my daily expense as a donation to specific organizations dealing with the issues. Instead of forming another organization with the individuals I have identified, I would encourage them likewise to donate to existing organizations as these have acquired years of knowledge and experience in dealing with the issues and maintaining proper relationships with the natives of various areas. Besides, such organizations already have personnel on the ground and additional support would only improve their activities.

Finally, I would involve myself in the drive to maintain our environment, by utilizing clean energy and making an effort to minimize wastage, as it is very clear that it is our environment that sustains us.