Sample Essay Paper on Aviation

One of the ICAO originals goals was to:

 The most paramount original goal of ICAO was to establish common standards for use in air navigation industry amongst member states to ease challenges of signage and communication.

What are the similarities and differences between the Canadian Air Traffic Control System and The United States ATC system?

 Both Air Traffic Control systems are doing research in advanced automated systems with major emphasis in artificial intelligence. The difference between them is that Canadian Air Traffic Control system is fully privatized while that of United States is mainly run and controlled by the government.

What are the similarities and differences between the European Air Traffic Control System and The United States ATC system?

 The similarity between European Air Traffic Control System and The United States Air Traffic Control System is that both systems are not fully privatized and thus governments have control over their operations. The difference is that European Air Traffic Control has many systems and several centers while United States Air Traffic Control has one system and many centers

What is the most congested international airspace that is controlled by the FAA?

 The most congested international airspace controlled by Federal Aviation Administration is America’s National airspace.

What is the reason it becomes so congested?

The major cause of congestion in the America’s National Airspace is high rate of increase of air travel demand.

How many different air traffic control facilities work this highly congested airspace?

In America’s National Airspace there are 21 Air route Traffic control centers, 197 terminal radar approach control facilities and 476 airport traffic control towers.

Explain the sets of airways that are used over the North Atlantic.  How many sets are there? What are the differences, and who uses them?

 There is Oceanic control Area which is controlled by United Kingdom and they use High Radio Frequency and or satellite for flight control communication with its control done from Shanwick Oceanic control Center. The other partaker is Gander Oceanic Control Centre stationed and run by Canada.

What is the purpose of Trans-Polar Flights?   What are the problems associated with these routes?

Transpolar flights take the shortest time to reach destinations thus safe fuel and reduce pollution and ozone layer depletion. However, several problems are associated with them; passengers are exposed to a lot of harmful solar radiations, it rises safety concerns owing to lack of places to land in case of emergency and also the fact that solar and magnetic effects might distract communication at these regions.