Sample Essay on The Feedback Process and its Influence in Shaping a Client’s Decision

The Feedback Process and its Influence in Shaping a Client’s Decision

The feedback that we regularly received from our client played a key role in influencing the decision of setting up a food bank. Feedback is the information received at regular intervals during the execution of projects. The client at hand needed to set up a food bank. The feedback that I was to provide to the client was on the technical feasibility of the food bank project. This includes the economic and financial viability and the human personnel capacity viability. The food bank was particularly intended to shield the client’s country from volatile food prices in the world market. The food bank project was economically viable since increase in the global population has consequently led to an increase in food prices due to high demand. This would in turn save enormous foreign exchange reserves and improve the current account deficit and balance of payments. The food bank would be established using either local food reserves or imports from abroad. The client confirmed that the food bank would be built from local food reserves produced within the country. The country is faced with production gluts seasonally. This excess food has been stored in reserves to cushion the country during the periods of low production – when there is high demand – leading to skyrocketing food prices. From our client’s perspective, setting up a food bank or food reserve was imperative to cushion the country from high food prices in the global markets.

Additionally, the client put forward the idea that importing from the world markets during a glut should be taken into consideration. During peaks of high production, it is followed by low prices, which provide an opportune time to mop up excess supplies into their own food bank. The client was faced with the question whether they would be able to beat bureaucracy and red tape to establish the food bank. The client requires approval from various stakeholders such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Standards bodies, among others, in order for their establishment to be successful. The client responded by stating that they had sufficient political connections at the top that may come in handy.


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