Sample Essay on Writing Centers


This is a dissertation paper on the need for establishing high school writing centers. The principal objective of the study is to ascertain the efficacy of writing centers in secondary school as well as establish facts about the operability of writing centers and its benefits to the students. Notably the writing performance among students has been dwindling where writing skills has been overlooked in schools.

Therefore, the research sought to establish whether or not writing centers are effective tools for improving students’ performance through enhanced writing skills. Quantitative method of research was used to achieve desired results because of its ability to capture a wide range of data as well as its ease of generalizability. The research effected this through library research and administering a questionnaire to the participants using a survey.

The survey results supported the research hypothesis that writing centers are effective tools in improving student performance. The research found out that participants acknowledged the presence of an onsite writing centers and help students to achieve better performance. Many participants noted that English, history, and humanities class required writing center instructions and tutorials respectively.

The research establishes that the deteriorating academic performance among high school students can be remedied by establishing writing centers in strengthening students writing skills and proficiency. This is reinforced by critical support of all the stakeholders.