Sample Essay on World History

World History

Good morning fellow students. My name is………, and world history is my main area of study in history. I would like to start by posing a question; is the study of world history and historical accounts worthwhile? The answer is yes. This fact has influenced the development of my interest in studying the subject. History, which is the study of past events, is an integral component of education and the world. Many countries use a substantial amount of money in uncovering their past through excavations of archeological sites and archives.

Learning about world history, to be specific historical wars and battles, is important in helping the evolution of military techniques in today’s world. The study of world wars and Napoleonic resentment has helped in redefining more modern tactics that are paramount in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of how to solve future conflicts in the world. In addition, a study of the wars can help us in developing strategies that can help in averting any instances of war-like activities since we will be equipped with techniques on how to mediate between two warring factions.

One good example exists of history repeating itself and the war effects which could have been averted, if critical studies in the war activities could have been done. The war between Iran and Iraq, in which Iraq claimed that Iran was part of their province, caused disastrous damage to properties and loss of lives. However, in less than a decade, Iraq was in another fight with Kuwait – a fact that has left scars of the war in Iraq to date.

Study of the world wars can help in understanding how the United States became the most powerful nation in the world and the conflicts with the USSR that saw the US develop strategies that ensured that it became the most developed economy in the world. We can learn from this account of the benefits and disadvantages of the American capitalistic and democratic ideas and contrast them with socialist ideas of the USRR. This can help in informing our country on which ideologies to adopt in developing our economy.

In light of the above experiences in the study of world history and world wars to be specific, we can authoritatively say that the area is an interesting one that is worth studying.