Sample Essay on Voter Turnout

Voter Turnout


People participate in government activities in different ways. One of the ways is by turning up in great numbers during election. Research has shown that voting is one of the crucial activities that show the willingness of people to participate in the government activities. When people turnout greatly during the day of voting, it shows there is legitimacy in that country and many people are willing to participate in the activities of the country. Where the turnout is low as compared to another country, this shows that the people of that country consider its government to be somewhat illegitimate. Among other things, this study explains how Americans are engaged in different political activities as compared to those people in western European countries. Voting is one of the political activities that show the willingness of people to participate in government activities in the United States. Turnout in the US is not high as compared to western European countries during elections, which may be brought by variations in registration necessities, regularity in elections, or the environment of the various political parties.

Why Americans Vote At a Lesser Rate than Western Europeans

Voting is one of the ways in which people participate in different political activities. There are many ways by which people participate in their government activities such as voting during elections, joining in various political parties, and participating in other government activities. In America, there has been a low trend in participation of political activities like voting during elections. This has led to low turnout of people during elections, which as compared to western Europeans the turnout of people is very high. This is brought by lack of education and creation of awareness about importance of voting in America as compared to their western European citizens. The European citizens are educated while still young and a lot of favor is done to those who are disadvantaged in terms of labor and other social matters in the country. This is done in order to create a positive attitude to all people towards the participation of government activities especially voting. However, much has always tried to be done in America in order to remove the different barriers that lead to low turnout of people during elections. The various reasons that have contributed to the low turnout include many requirements for registration, elections being made many times thus people becoming bored to attend them regularly and the differences in parties involved in the country. These reasons have contributed greatly to the low turnout of the American people during election as compared to those people in the western European countries. In America, registration is a personal responsibility as opposed to western European countries where the government takes the responsibility of registration of people. Many states have started using motor voter as their mode of registration in order to ease the process and make it more convenient to many people. However, this mode of registration does not improve the number of people who turn out during the Election Day but only during the time of registration. Due to the many opportunities available for voting in America, it has become a burden to many and thus some do not turn up many of the times. The low turnout is also brought by scheduling the elections in week days when every one is in his/her own businesses. The governments do not set up special days for election where many jobs and companies will be closed in order to avoid conflicts between employees and their employers. The perception of people about parties also affects the turnout because in the US, there is no much variation between republican and democratic parties but in the western European countries, the parties are very dissimilar according to classes and the various interests.

Why Some Americans Vote Regularly While Others Do Not

Voting in America is usually done regularly, which makes people to develop different attitudes. There are many reasons that make some people become frequent voters while others are not. Regular voters see this as a civic duty and so they consider voting as one of their great responsibilities as compared to others. The different beliefs of people about the consequences of voting makes them turnout in great numbers. If people believe that their voting will make a difference, they will turn up in great numbers. Those people who think that they are separated from the control of the country are always likely to withdraw from the government activities like voting. Other factors like age, schooling, and economic matters also affect voting in the US. Those people of middle age and adults turn up in high rates than those of lower age. This is brought by lack of education and creation of awareness about importance of voting. Some Americans also frequently vote many times than others in the country due to creation of awareness about the people they are going to vote for and their willingness to participate in all government activities.

Improving Voter Turnout in the US

Generally, the US citizens are just moderately engaged in voting and other political activities. In order to enhance voter turnout in America, the government should change the citizen’s attitude. This can be done by holding political and social movements in order to improve the interests of people towards the government activities. The government should try as much as possible to settle the different grievances of people in order to improve on their attitude towards engaging in the different government activities. This is because many people protest the type of government by not availing themselves during elections. Turnout during voting can also be improved by educating the young people while still young for them to develop a positive attitude early enough. Voter education should be taken seriously in the United States as it is critical for developments in the country



Voting has been seen as one of political activities that citizens of a country participate. Voting in United States has been seen to be low as compared to the western European democracies. This has been affected during registration of Americans as everyone who has to vote must register personally as compared to other countries where the responsibility of registration is left to the government employees and not the citizens. The regular elections held in America also make the citizens to become very reluctant to turnout during the process. The citizens become reluctant because of the many elections that are done without experiencing a great change in the elected government. Finally, the differing interests between different political parties, which do not seem to solve the people’s problems in the United States unlike those in the western democracies, make the people in America discouraged from frequent voting.