Sample Essay on Statement of Purpose for Software Engineering

Statement of Purpose for Software Engineering

Truth can only be found in one place: the code, this philosophy has been my driving force and it has immensely inspired me to study software engineering as a career. Since I was a child, I developed a strong interest in understanding how things work. I always found myself questioning how the computer that was in our home functioned, how the refrigerator and the bicycle were made, and how the electric switch was able to put electricity on and off with a single switch. Though I was curious in many things, I realized that what interested me most were computers. I spent many hours on the computer trying to understand how software interacted. The deep curiosity and the immense passion that I developed for computers motivated me to study software engineering. My strenuous efforts in this field helped me to gain entry to {KINDLY PUT THE NAME OF THE SCHOOL WHERE YOU DID YOU FIRST DEGREE}; this school is eminent in teaching engineering.

I personally believe I am well prepared for graduate work. During my undergraduate studies, I acquired significant knowledge: I was able to take advanced courses in the field of computer science. As a graduate student in department of software engineering, I developed a deep interest for working hard and being sincere with my work. I became more inquisitive; this motivated me to have passion for what appeared to be hard for many people. The rigorous curriculum in my graduate school helped me to study courses, such as testing and quality assurance, project management, software architecture, and the object oriented analysis and design. The testing and quality assurance helped me to learn about ways of monitoring the software engineering process and ways that were used for the purpose of guaranteeing quality. I have learnt that many methods can be used to monitor software engineering process. Since the software quality assurance is made up of entire software development process, I was able to learn about software design, software coding, reviewing codes, testing, and release management. Through software architecture, I am now able to organize a software system including selecting structural elements together with their interfaces. Through the object oriented analysis and design, I can design applications through object oriented paradigm, and utilization of visual modeling.

Besides having a master’s degree in software engineering, I also have a master’s degree in networking engineering. I have faith that this degree is important in pursuing my PhD degree. The degree has helped me to have immense knowledge when it comes to designing and operating devices. Through this degree, I have been able to gain skills in research, and project management through engineering. I am a member of the Golden key organization an NGO that is affiliated with over 400 universities. Through the organization, I have been able realize my full potential; this is because I have been able to link my individual accomplishments with service and lifelong opportunities that utilize the field of software engineering.

I believe that undergraduate and master’s degree are exposures to any branch at university level. I feel that both my bachelor’s and master’s degree have provided me with enough exposure to various possibilities for purposes of research and development in my area of interest. I chose software engineering because I believe that I have enough aptitude and liking for this subject. For a person to be able to pursue a PhD degree in software engineering, it is significant to study and have an understanding of the finer nuances of that subject. I believe that a PhD in your institution will provide me with both adequate skills and prepare me to be a good researcher and software engineer. I will consider the chance to be in your institution a privilege because your institution has the best facilities and rich research opportunities. I am positive that the interactions I will have with faculty members in the software department will be significant and will assist me in my development as a software engineer. I personally feel your institution has much it can offer me; I am positive that I will contribute positively to this institution. It is precisely for this reason that I am requesting a chance to pursue a PhD degree at your institution.

I expect that the graduate work in {PUT NAME OF INSTITUTION YOU ARE APPLYING TO}, will be immensely demanding, and challenging but at the end, I know I will receive the rewards for hard work. To be able to go through the challenges that will be presented during my graduate studies, I have adequately prepared myself from both an intellectual and a social point of view. Therefore, I believe that I am well prepared to adequately handle all the challenges that will come my way. I harbor a positive mindset, and believe this mindset will help me achieve all my dreams. I hope to learn from your prestigious institution and grow as a software engineer.

I will use my PhD degree in software engineering to prepare myself adequately for future research in the field of software engineering. I will be able to achieve my personal goals of becoming a successful software engineer. I believe I will carry the mission of your institution forward by serving with zeal in community. It is for this reason that I kindly submit my application and request that you consider me at your institution.