Sample Essay on Reproductive Technologies Have Played Integral Roles In Ensuring Incapable Couples Or People Are Able To Have Children

Module 11 Discussion BSN 4100

            Despite the fact that procreation should be natural; assisted reproductive technologies have played integral roles in ensuring incapable couples or people are able to have children. On a personal level, these technologies have further strengthened marriages among couples. The assisted reproductive technologies have enabled some couples to achieve their long life dreams of bearing or having children. Using a technology like In vitro fertilization is reasonable after having thorough discussions between spouses as well as qualified health practitioners. First, discussions about this issue will be initiated once one comfortable with using such technologies. This means this technology would involve combination of my sperm with those of my spouse, which are then incubated before being placed back to my wife’s uterus. As such, it is possible for a couple to create a family and have the honor of raising their own children. I would be contented with such a technology because children born would be biologically ours.

            I know of a couple who have used this assisted technology to have children. The couple successfully bore twins. The children are girls and living a normal life just like any other human being born naturally.  The couple opted for this technology because it was the best solution reached after consulting reproductive health care providers. Furthermore, the couple confessed that they are had longed for children for a long period before resorting to this technology. They do believe that children contribute to the success of marriages and they are a way of developing new social lives. This means couples would start thinking about parenthood when they have children. In my own perceptions, I would use such an assisted technology because its ultimate goal is to bear children.