Sample Essay on Ideal self

Ideal self

The personality of a person comprises of the real self and the ideal self. A person’s real life is one that is called the real self and the person that one desires to be is the ideal self. The self does not just spiral and become full-blown from a void. One’s value, behavior, and disposition are typically fashioned from experience. Interpersonal influences shape the self, and the most powerful effect that creates the ideal self is from those people closer to us. The right do-it-yourself is really an idealized model regarding yourself made beyond whatever you have learned from your everyday life, which entails involving contemporary society, along with whatever you envy of your role models.


I am an Asian from Sunni Muslim community, and my religion is Islam. I however have no cynicism towards other religions. My friends are mostly from school and I can consider myself an introvert and most of the time I avoid sensitive discussions. My ideal self is to be a person that is able to interact freely with both friends and new people, in a way that am able to solve their problems and bring happiness to them. Ideal self would not shy away from debates whether sensitive or not, and have no fear of being controversial or misunderstood. My culture and upbringing would not stand on my way and I would interact with everyone including my neighbors.


I come from a family of upper middle-income family, am able to afford my education and have never struggled for basic needs. My ideal self is a wealthy person that has enough to spend extravagantly and able to afford all that I desire. Nonetheless, all this would not be spent on me alone and would help my family and elevate them to even higher standards if not the highest in the society. I would help all my friends who needed financial help and even extend it to all people in need. I am a person that enjoys life and with better financial capabilities that would be my goal.


I have a viewpoint in life that each day is outstanding and it matters I do not worry much about the future because I cannot change it. I am also self-loving but care about others too. An ideal self I would be a person that is true to his beliefs and religion. A person that is able to achieve the impossible, has a greater influence morally and be able to change believes of those that are morally corrupted. With such ability, I would change my country and the world and free it from all type of evil.


I have an introvert character and am not able to interact with people as much as many do. Most of my personal life is somehow isolated or secluded and I operate mostly on schedule. I am sensitive and less outgoing in nature, when alone I watch a movie or listen to music. My ideal self would be a person that is able to freely interact with people and be able to spend more time outside interacting and having fun. Be less sensitive, more of an extrovert and a go-getter that would not let any form of barrier stop me from attaining what I desire. I would also be more known and popular and at the pinnacle leading others.


At my home country, I enjoy going to barbecues and participating in events such as soccer and volleyball. I also like swimming since we visit with lots of friends. My ideal self is to be a person that participates in more physical activities in my home country and when in America studying. I would be more fit and healthier with the same capabilities as an athlete and basically be fit. Achieving the perfect shape and doing that without too much hard work and be amongst the best looking physically.