Sample Essay on Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020


The world Expo event takes place after every five years, it is held in different countries around the world and millions of people attend this spectacular event. The major reason for attending is the exploration of the pavilions, the rich exhibitions and the cultural events that are showcased by the numerous participants who take part in the event. The first expo was held in the year 1851 and since then, there has been an immense demand in the creation of new economic links between the different nations around the world. The Expo has taken pride in being one of the largest and the most enduring global movements.

Dubai wins the bid to host the world expo

In late November 2013, Dubai was very lucky to win the bid to host the world expo in 2020. It will be the first time for the EXPO to be held in the Middle East, the Northern Africa and the South Asian regions commonly known as the MENASA region. The reason Dubai chose its theme is the fact that countries need to come together and share their ideas to have a better future for all the people. The primary goal of the Expo is to bring minds together to share the diverse ideas and take the future to a better path. Dubai came up with three sub themes, which will be discussed during the Expo, namely; mobility, sustainability and opportunity. These sub themes are perceived as challenges in global growth. In the sub themes, mobility will be sufficient for motivating the smart systems for the purpose of logistics and transportations, sustainability will provide lasting sources for energy and water, and opportunity will come up with new ways for the purpose of economic development. The country is planning to host the Expo in a 438-hectare site, which is located at the city’s edge. The constructions for the site begins next year and will end by October 2019.

Negative impacts of the Expo on the economy

Despite the positive outcomes that it will bring, the expo will have some negative impacts. One of the major drawbacks caused by the Expo will be the issue of inflation. It is now evident that the rental and selling prices of houses in Dubai are on the rise. The National bank of Qatar has warned that the Dubai market may be overheated due to the increased debt that will be motivated by the event. The demand for infrastructure will result to increased pressures on the regional supply chains, this will push up the cost for the raw materials and the fuelling real estate and the asset prices bubbles. Increase in cost of living will frustrate the competitiveness of the country’s economy.

Natural resources that will be depleted in Dubai as a result of the EXPO

With water resources becoming scarce in Dubai, the 2020 expo will act as a catalyst for the depletion of this important resource. Experts contend that there will be an acute water shortage in Dubai after 50 years, the reports have not paid attention to the Expo that will host millions and millions of people who will use water in large amounts, the 50-year projection may come down. The construction of the Expo avenue will need sand, this means that the remaining sand reservoirs in Dubai will be under threat. Though Dubai is surrounded by sand deserts, it is worth noting that this sand cannot be used for construction it has low shear strength.

Instability in the Middle East

The instability in the middle east might turn to be a threat to the visitors during the expo, if things do not get any better, tension in the region will make the visitors fear for their security and avoid attending the Expo, this will be detrimental to Dubai economy this is because, the country will not be in a position to achieve the targeted economic goal due to lower revenue income. The country will also lose some potential investors who will not be able to attend due to security.