Sample Essay on Do Works of Art have the Power to Change People’s Lives?

Do Works of Art have the Power to Change People’s Lives?

Sculptures, paintings and other products of fine art can be described as the works of art. These works usually serve to portray craft or beauty. On answering the question of whether works of art have the ability to affect lives, many scenarios would come to mind. One may ask which art is being talked about, does it refer to the participations where audience are involved or the art organizations. To adequately answer this question, it would mean that the approach taken must be heterogeneous to cover all the aspects of art.

In many instances, works of art have been hailed as the solution to many life problems. In schools for example, integration of art into the curriculum has been identified as booster to the discipline and academic performance of students. Art has been able to uphold economic prosperity and regenerate neighborhoods.

Individuals who take part in the art activities experience improved psychological and physical well-being. Works of art  changes people’s lives for the better by creating catalyst that help individuals create social capital and to attain vital goals of a society. The ways in which works of art changes lives in the society can be classified into five main categories; cultural, material, cognitive, interpersonal, and social


Works of art have the capability of increasing an individual’s sense of efficacy and collective identity. Works of art enable people to preserve their community images while living positive lives through observation of the societal norms and being tolerant towards other people, whom they have shared or interacted with through art.


Through art, individuals get the opportunity to volunteer into activities, which are aimed at promoting healthy living. Individuals also grow positively and are able to mature emotionally because art gives them the opportunity to enjoy and express themselves. In urban area areas, especially in low-income populations, art helps youths in high risk to minimize delinquency, which can easily lead them to engaging in criminal activities.

An individual would also experience change when he or she gets an opportunity to enjoy works of art. This would help them reduce stress levels and make them happy people. Through art organizations and institutions, people get the chance to be involved in art. This would help them develop their skills and even identify their artistic talents, which they can later use to improve their lives.


Works of art changes lives in that, it enables individuals gain sense of belonging and are attached to their community. This is a positive change because the individuals would love their community and engage only in activities, which brings honor and pride to their community. Getting involved in the art performance enable individuals to improve their self-esteem and improve their individual efficacy. When one is involved in art, he or she is able to improve on his or her human capital, that is, gain, and improve on their creative abilities and skills. The students in schools can experience improved academic performance because of art. Performance of choral verses, songs, and poems among others are likely to improve their students’ abilities.

Interpersonal and Social

Through art, people get the opportunity to work with others. This is good because they learn how to relate and communicate with others correctly. Works of art also leads to increased tolerance, especially after sharing on work of art from other communities. Socially, art would help reduce crimes related to the high level of delinquency among the youth. Introducing art in high-risk areas would therefore change lives by providing alternatives to the high-risk youth