Sample Essay on Comparison of French Revolution and Revolution of 1989

Comparison of French Revolution and Revolution of 1989

The French revolution was similar to the 1989 revolution in that, both revolutions aimed at bringing change. The French dissenters aimed at obtaining more power for the Third Estate, to shatter the tyranny of the French authority and depose the upper classes and establish a constitution to reduce the power of aristocracy in decision- making processes for the nation.

The 1989 Revolution aimed at fixing the effects of the economic breakdown of Communism. The Eastern Europe Communist nations employed high-risk growth strategies that depended on foreign credits to pay for creation of rationalized economies. When oil prices increased and slowed the global economy, communist coalition states could not pay for their debts any longer. This led to loss of credit and eventual domestic economic crisis, which triggered the revolution.

The 1989 revolution had world-shattering outcomes as it brought with it a new vision of the political ideology founded on rediscovery of independent participation and community activism. The revolution in the east, and primarily in the central nations in Europe, was successful as it led to the crucial and irreversible change of the existing order. The revolution created a fluidity of political pledges, allegiances and connections that signaled a broad crisis of values and power.

The French rebellion on the other hand, brought the administration of King Louis XVI under the supervision of a constitution. Then, the revolution deposed, detained and executed the king and, later on, his wife Marie Antoinette. The French rebellion was a success as it acquired power for the Third Estate as well as obtained rights and liberty for the ordinary citizens of France. The supreme power of the French kingdom was beginning to crumple as ordinary people obtained more rights and freedoms that enabled them to control their providence in the government.