Sample Essay on College Transfer

College Transfer

I hereby apply for a college transfer to your institution. I am originally from Texas and initially, I went to a public school but later moved to a private school at the age of seven. This is because my parents desired the best for us and I was admitted at the Incarnate Word Academy. Moving to a private school in Texas was a big challenge for me because I was uncertain of what the future had for me, and especially of how hard the classes were going to be. However, I looked forward to the time when we could serve the community. This is the reason why I would prefer a college within America that offers opportunities for community service.

We used to have service hours after every fortnight. Every student had at least 12 hours per fortnight. However, I used to do extra service hours because I liked to serve the less privileged. I spent most of these hours in mass services and food banks. At times, I used to join the nurses in hospitals in attending to the elderly by reading stories to them and playing with them. I cultivated discipline when I was in a private high school. All through my high school period, I had to work twice as hard. I also got involved in community service in helping the needy as required. In addition to this, I helped in building new ramps in the hospital. This was part of the community service for the elderly. My desire is to be the best in my choice field of computer science. A transfer to your institution will grant me a perfect opportunity to achieve my dreams.