Sample Essay on Celebrity Wife Swap USA Season 1, Episode 5: Mick Foley &Antonio Sabato Junior.

Celebrity Wife Swap USA Season 1, Episode 5: Mick Foley &Antonio Sabato Junior.

Celebrity Wife Swap USA is one of the latest reality TV series aired by ABC network channel. The video derived from season one of episode 5 aired in March 2014. A short preview comes to the screen when the show begins showing one couple arguing. After the preview the first family is introduced. Antonio Sabato is well built handsome is one of celebrities in Hollywood participating in the program. He is popularly known for his appearance on commercials and acting in movies. Antonio Sabato and his family will be one of the families participating in this episode of wife swap while the second family is Mickey Foley’s. These two families portray different styles of parenting and routine seen in various homes.

Antonio Sabato’s family consists of his fiancée Cheryl and two children Nina and Antonio the third. Cheryl explains how her daily schedule is tight. She juggles between her careers as a model, being a mum and working at the acting studio they recently opened. However, when performing household chores she gets a lot of support from her daughter Nina. Nina helps with cooking and doing simple household tasks. Nina, who smiles in agreement, acknowledges this. Despite the tight schedule, the family keeps a pet. Cheryl likes doing things in particular ways, evidence being, she has pinned 65 items to be followed on the refrigerator by the new mum. Antonio hopes that by participating in the program, their family would encourage others watching how an ideal family should be: always keeping together despite all the challenges. Generally, an ideal family is described as one that helps each other to make things work.

The second couple consists of Mickey Foley, a professional wrestler, his wife Collette a full time homemaker and their four teenager children. This family is a contrast of the first family in that Collette does everything from cooking to cleaning. She refers to herself as their maid. The children are reluctant to take up household responsibilities. This is a total contrast to the Sabatos where everyone helps in the house. Collette hopes that the experience will restructure her family after trying without much success by introducing a dog to the family for the children to take care of and learn to be responsible. Her face is full of frustration as she narrates this. Collette is counting on the new mum as her solution.

The actual day when families swap begins, Cheryl feels bad about leaving her three months old baby behind .The two wives are switching places from Florida to Los Angeles with two different expectations. On arrivals, the settings are opposite from their expectations. Mickey Foley’s home is dirty as compared to Antonio Sabato’s home. Cheryl is shocked, as she screams when walking around the house to check where she will be staying .Collette is impressed with the sparkling clean home of Antonio and Cheryl. While reading the house manual, both of them are surprised of each family’s routine. Cheryl says, “She’s an angel, she does everything for her family”.

The second day both Cheryl and Collette are exhausted performing duties for their new families. The never-ending house chores include helping Mickey wear his socks, Cheryl cleaning the kitchen three times in a day and tidying up rooms for four children. Since both cannot cope, they are given the chance to set their new rules to be followed. Not all family members welcomed the rules but had no choice but to try them out. The new rules for Mickey Foley’s four children start with helping Cheryl in the kitchen. While their youngest son Mickey junior is forced to join other family members to eat dinner. Mickey is taken to see a dentist then salon for a haircut. One the other hand, new rules for the Sabato family require them to relax, the family is at the poolside. Later on Nina is taken to the park to play for the first time. Antonio is surprised to see her daughters’ jovial mood and admits to see changes in Nina as he admits that there is always room for learning.

When the couples meet to share their experiences, Cheryl is told to slow down as Collette advises both of them to give Nina unconditional love. Cheryl is defensive as Antonio agrees with Collette. Cheryl’s reaction to criticism is normal especially for mums who are considered protective of what they love most. A heated argument between Antonio and Cheryl is witnessed. Cheryl walks away, her reasons being, Antonio  did not defend  her as usually expected by many in a relationship. Antonio felt that instead of filtering words as Cheryl suggested, time had come to speak openly. The brief meeting ended as the argument continued when the couples were heading back home. On the other hand, Mickey Foley and his wife seem to be happy with the adjustments. Both looked at the changes positively and were already trying some of them out like dancing. This shows how different parenting is for different families in America with no standard required; each family appreciates how this is done.