Sample Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Information and Communications Technology

Literature Review

Advantages and Disadvantages of Information and Communications Technology

Technology has in different ways swiftly transformed the manner in which people communicate. With respect to the perception of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and its impact on the contemporary world, technology has changed the manner in which people carry out businesses and has dramatically altered the approach of people going about their social and individual lives. In the contemporary world, people can either text, talk, or send electronic mails through their computers or mobile phone link with anybody almost in any corner of the globe. People can also visit destinations (virtually) that they would never have thought of visiting, and there are destinations that people can visit, but can in no way truly go to physically. Moreover, educational techniques have advanced as there are currently online classes where anybody having a smart phone or computer and internet connection can access and participate (Syed and Nurullah 1-18). Conversely, technology has also generated many setbacks that appear to be escalating with improvements in technology. People have to be more watchful with the manner in which they share confidential information and also enquire the sources of information for authenticity and wonder concerning the existence of genuineness.

With improvements in communication, pace, time, and money could be saved since it is quicker to distributed the information. With the aid of ICT, it has turned out faster and more effective to get in touch with businesses, friends, or members of the family. It is now possible to chat with anybody internationally by use of text message, email, and social media and obtain nearly immediate response. The easy accessibility of the internet has also unlocked face-to-face communication from any place across the globe communication from almost everywhere across the globe, thanks to the assistance of video-conferencing and some social media sites, and Skype provided by telecommunications corporations and mobile phones consequently making direct communication with people at far distance easy and cheap. Moreover, computers supported by their programs and the internet have generated educational chances not accessible to earlier cohorts (Madell and Muncer 137-140). There are very many devices that assist in the speeding up of users’ operations. From domestic duties, schoolwork, to office tasks, ICT offers devices with the aid of which anyone can enhance the effectiveness of his/her undertakings.

Although ICT has had many benefits, studies have also shown that it has its drawbacks. One drawback of technology is the creation of identity theft, cybercrime, and hacking into the accounts of other people (Bodhani 64-68). For instance, when one uses technology for monetary transactions, there is the likelihood of being a victim of fraud since an imposter is likely to obtain credit card information secretly and utilize them for their own fiscal benefit. Technology has also caused a great dependency on devices such as computers and mobile phones (Jansen and Janssen 362-382). Due to this dependency, most people cannot carry out even a simple task (such as a simple mathematical addition) devoid of the help of their gadgets thus making them helpless without the gadgets. Moreover, the application of internet on devices such as mobile phones and computers has resulted to immoral interactions amongst teenagers and the propagation of pornography (Işiklar, Şar, and Durmuşcelebi 9-14).

In conclusion, studies have shown debate concerning the usefulness of technology with some illustrating advantages, and others disadvantages. Some researchers have cited advantage of technology such as assisting people do many things in a reasonably shorter time. Attributable to technology, information is also freely accessible to everyone through the internet thus assisting research and online education. Technology has also played a key role in bringing families and pals in contact across regions, countries, and continents. On the contrary, technology has also propagated evil such as crime and immorality. It is apparent that the advantages of technology surpass its disadvantages.

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