Sample English Research Paper on Racism

The concept of racism is not new in the face of the world and different countries have rich history of the vice. Although numerous campaigns have been conducted to change the perception of human beings regarding this type of discrimination, different countries such as the United States have recently experienced events that depict the increase of racism in the country. According to the New York Times, the death of individuals like Walter Scott, Trayvin Martin, and Renisha Mcbride have all been linked to racism. Therefore, this study will discuss the concept of racism in the modern economy and how it has affected the interaction between the African American population and the Whites. Particularly, the research will concentrate on specific events in the United States that demonstrate the increase of the vice in that country.

Understanding the Concept of Racism

Considering the continued emphasis on the effect of racism in both local and global spectrums, most Americans understand the negatives of the vice. The struggle to reduce this practice in the  U.S  can be traced back to the 19th  Century when different leaders from the Northern states started advocating for the end of slave trade and provision of equal rights to the African  American population. Understanding racism requires an elaboration of the concept of prejudice as they both have the same historical background (Psychology Today n.p).

 Both racism and prejudice involve negative views of a particular group that makes them look inferior to the other populations. Furthermore, racism can be termed as a complicated interplay of people’s attitudes, community practices, and social values and may take different forms depending on the context of the occurrence.

The increased intolerance of the African American population in the U.S has resulted in increased discussions on the future of the country based on the emergence of these doctrines. Although the problem has not been declared as an official challenge to the country, many individuals are using the internet and other social media platforms to conduct their campaigns against racial discrimination. Many institutions are equally using these networks to help those who have suffered from police brutality as a consequence of racism (Wortham n.p). Moreover, Monica Williams records that this practice has also corrupted the corporate world as she recalls treading a patient that experienced the same at work.     

Racial Dialogue

According to Psychology Today, the tendency of an individual favouring their own group is not a new concept in the society and it is a behaviour that defines human survival. Considering some of the psychological studies done over the years, human beings contribute more positively to the group that they feel more secure being around. William also notes that although there has been an increased discussion on the political, social and economic effect of racism in the American society, little research has concentrated on the psychological effects of the vice (Psychology Today n.p).

 The election of President Barrack Obama was seen as process that could promote equality in the country but the different events including the increase of police brutality to the population in late 2014 proved otherwise.  The fatal police interactions reported in the country particularly on Michael Brown and Eric Garner spurred national discussion particularly when the federal government did not take any disciplinary actions against the concerned law enforcement officers. Considerably, the research by the post-ABC news post shows that an average of 10% of the African American population believed that the justice system of the country promoted fairness and equality especially the minority groups (Psychology Today n.p).

According to the survey by Erica Hall, using the term black to refer to the dark-toned citizens of the United States depicts a lower socio-economic status than the use of the word African American (Washington Post n.p). Considering the different decisions presented by various authors, the various bodies including local and federal authorities have not enacted enough policies that would promote equality among the different races in the country. 

Responses to Racism in the Community

The increase in the number of discussions about the increase in the number of racial discrimination cases in the US society is a step in enhancing the healing process (Washington Post n.p). These conversations are considered the key to building trust in the society and increasing the awareness on the evils of racism in the United States.  Additionally, the society has developed unique mechanisms that can help in the sensitization process including using movies such as the Black Panther on the evils of racial discrimination (Wallace n.p). Other movies with the same theme produced over the last three decades include Blade, The Meteor Man, and Blackman that demonstrated the superiority of the African American population.  


Racism in the United States can only be reduced through positive emotional experiences between the different groups.  Equally, it is the duty of both the community and the authorities to ensure that individuals advocating for racism are punished accordingly so as to enhance increased practices of morality in the  American society. while  most people in the US society not have experienced  the  effects of racism, the  vice  is  slowly growing into a national  disaster that could limit the development of the  American  society.  

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