Sample English Paper on Sponsors of Literacy

Sponsors of Literacy

  1. The author of the article is Deborah Brandt and the article was originally published in the United States of America. The information is the article reveals the writing as narration.
  2. The author means that people acquired literacy skills through funding and support. Literacy means the basic skills for instance those of printing, writing, and editing. Sponsor were the people who played a vital role in literacy learning, they used bankroll events instance the priests, editors and influential .They had a reciprocal relationship with those they helped.
  3. Dorah lopez, the author gives us her family background and how she grew up. We also come to learn she taught herself how to read and write. She also helped children of migrant workers; she also worked as a translator in a cleaning company. Her skills paid off because of the absorption of youth migrant workers into government sponsorship programs.

Raymond branch, we get to know of his educational background. He had great influences in literacy learning because he brought great transformations in programming.

Dwayne lowery, we learn how his writing and thinking developed; he transformed the society from a think-making society to an information making society. He also had a major influence in union activities.

4. The first quote means that literacy is a necessity for development in the twentieth century; it is just a resource like any other. People need literacy skills so as to help drive the economy.

Literacy is a resource just like others, this helps to explain why people put in strategies so as to acquire literacy skills. The powerful work tirelessly so as to reduce the powers of literacy

Access to literacy has been made in such a way that only the powerful have access to it. Those from low class are less secured to access sponsors of literacy.

5. Sponsorship, she just meant the provision of the necessary resources to access literacy skills.

Sponsorship and the rise of literacy standards, looks at the role of sponsorship in rising literacy levels, how sponsors have contributed to the rising literacy levels

Sponsorship access, she claims that access to sponsorship has been limited to only those people from high class and who have an influence in politics, those people from low class rarely access sponsor so as to help them to acquire basic literacy skills.