Sample Assignments Paper on Simulation Meeting Notes

Simulation Meeting Notes

Opening the Meeting

  • Invite Lee and Linda for one hour meeting in my office.
  • Warmly greet Linda and Lee.
  • Share coffe or any beverage during the meeting to foster secure space for open conversation.
  • Explain to Linda and Lee the purpose of calling the meeting by acknowledging the conflict existing between Linda and Lee. Adressing a the conflict is the first step to effectively navigate conflict situation (Regents, 2019). The conflict is as a result of Lees’ ineficiency in reporting to work and communication problem between Lee and Linda.

Setting up the Conflict Management Process

  • Ask linda to express her concerns on Lees’ inconsistency in reporting to work. Lindas’ concern is that Lee being a senior executive at Global Pro Tech may play a negative role model to other employees and lose his reputation and efficiency.
  • Request Lee to respond to Lindas’ concerns in his own perspective. Actively listen to Lees response to the concern by Linda. In this scenario, Lee satisfies the number of working hours required of him in accordance to flextime work policy, despite his regular lateness to work.
  • Positively request Linda to respond to Lees’ counterarguement . In this scenario Lindas’ worst fear is that Lee is being irresponsible in arrival and departure times setting bad role model for other employees.
  • Ask Lee if he understands Lindas’ frustration. Lee vaguely responds that he had been attending to a family emergency.
  • Convince Lee to disclose the family emergency to Linda. Lee confides to Linda that he has an elderly parent who needs to be taken care of by him.
  • Source the root of the problem and make sure both Lee and Linda understand the mix-up that was culminating the conflict between them.

Facilitating Solving the Conflict

  • Hand both Linda and Lee a copy of Global Pro Tech flextime policy. Read for them the flextime policy and explore the different provisions of the policy trying to find solution to the conflict that is satisfactory to both parties.
  • Ask Lee and Linda for their suggestions. Listen to both their perspectives and interpret their needs clearly. Suggest a solution in the flextime policy that fairly considers all of their needs and concerns. In this scenario, Lee uses flexible working time in the flextime policy to find time to take care of his elderly parent while still delivering the required weekly hours.
  • Lee needs to navigate time to take care of the aging parent while working the required hours per week, Linda still feels that Lee is setting a negative role model for other employess.
  • Recommend compressed week schedule to cater for both Lees’ and Linda’s needs. The compressed week schedule provisions employees an opportunity to have day offs and work for longer hours for the remaining days to compensate time taken off.
  • Ensure Lee and Linda agree on the compressed week shchedule will allow Lee free days to take care of his elderly parent. Following the compresed week schedule Lee will be able to maitain good arrival time and establish good role model to his juniors during the days he shall commit for working. Compressed week schedule will cater for Lees’ need and Lindas’ concern.

Ending the meeting

  • Ensure both Lee and Linda are satisfied by the alternative. Obtain satisfactory statement from Lee and Linda. Linda will no longer have concern over Lees’ lateness whereas Lee will have enough time to take care of his elderly parent.
  • Put the agreement of the meeting in writing and have all participants of the meeting sign the agreement.




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