Sample English Paper on Persuading Your Audience that Your Plan is Appropriate

Persuading Your Audience that Your Plan is Appropriate

Introduction (Purpose statement)

            As someone who loves the good things in life, shopping and travelling are top on my to-do list whenever I have time to spare and money to spend. I am an international student in London, UK, where I will be staying and studying for the next five weeks. I hope to fully utilize the free time available to me, especially on Mondays and Wednesdays when I do not have classes. I plan on using this free time to travel around the UK and to shop. 

Plan of Action

            My proposed itinerary is such that I will be shopping in London on Mondays after classes and on the last weekend of my stay in London. Various departmental stores offer an assortment of products in the city, namely Harrods, Selfridges, and Harvey Nichols. The tube would be an ideal mode of transport for my shopping trips, considering that it is both cheap and convenient.

            There are also various markets in London, including the Borough market, Camden market, and Covent Garden, which I have also planned to visit. Again, the Tube will prove to be an ideal mode of transport for these trips.

            I have also set my mind on travelling around the UK by air and train, mainly on my third and fourth weekends. My first air trip shall be to Scotland, between July 17th and July 19th. While in Scotland, I will first make a day trip to Edinburg and view the various attractions in the city. On my next trip, I will visit Glasgow, where I have cousins and friends whom I have not set my eyes on for a while now. I plan on staying with them until July 19, when I take a flight back to London.

Thereafter, I, along with 4 of my friends, shall embark on a trip to Liverpool by train. Here, we plan on visiting the great Conway Castle and the Great Orme. A trip to Liverpool is not complete without a visit to the Beatles Story at Albert’s Rock and we have planned on visiting the site before we fly back to London. 

            Our next activity will be to explore London in our planned sight visits and tours with the class atop an open-topped double-decker bus. This will afford us the opportunity to have the best sight of famous landmarks and best attractions in London. While still in London, we plan on flying the London eye. Located at the heart of London, London eye is by far the tallest observation wheel in Europe. Again, this attraction will enable us to have an aerial view of famous landmarks in the city (VisitBritain n.p.). Finally, we shall visit Oxford and view the prestigious university, as well as the Botanic Garden near the Covered Market.

I have also planned a day trip on 4th July to the Brighton beach and on July 25 to Bath. At Brighton, I intend to visit restaurants, amusements arcades, and sports facilities on the Palace and West Piers. At Bath, I look forward to sampling the Georgian architecture and natural hot springs.

In order to fully enjoy my stay here in the UK, I plan on using the tube whenever I feel that I have free time to spare. This will not only enable me to explore different areas around the tube stations, but I will also have time to sample various cuisines in the UK. In addition, I will also get to see various architectural buildings, some of which have already been declared tourist attraction site.

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