Sample English Paper on Paraphrasing an Article

Paraphrasing an Article

The recently concluded United States of America’s election saw the two presidential candidates moving around the nation to talk to voters. Some of their campaign trips and events are hosted by supporters of the presidential candidate. The visits were planned and their supporters knew exactly where they would be and on what date. The media played an important role in providing the masses with all the necessary information regarding the campaigns. The media, both online and offline followed each candidate’s movement and reported on their campaigns before and after the campaigns. It is not only the presidential candidates and their teams who are busy during campaign seasons. Other stakeholders such as the media also have sleepless night during these periods.

One of the articles which appeared on Kent Skater Newspaper highlighted Clinton’s upcoming campaign at Kent State. The article written by Alex Delaney-Gesing discusses the event in details (Delaney-Gesing, 2016). It talks briefly about the expected visit, the venue and the hosts of the event.

According to the article, event held at Students recreational and wellness centre was to be hosted by college democrats. The event was to begin at 12:15pm and the guest was expected to talk at 2:45 pm. There were no tickets for the event as it was on a first come, first serve basis.

This was to be the second stop that Clinton’s campaign team made to Kent State. The event was one of the two that Clinton’s team had scheduled in Ohio estate during the last week of the campaign period (Delaney-Gesing, 2016). The article ends by calling on its readers to follow Kent Newspaper on their social media handles. It also informs the readers about the upcoming Jay Z concert to be sponsored by Clinton’s team.


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